‘Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye’

Tomato Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye

THE winner unanimously heralded by attendant tomato devotees at all of our tomato taste-off's in the past few years and now my new favorite tomato, too – and I'm pretty fussy about tomatoes! I like 'em with true, old-timey tomato flavor with a hint of sweetness and 'Berkeley Tie Dye' delivers with gusto! A prolific producer, you get lots of cool-looking tennis ball to softball size fruits with green metallic stripes. I found  the time to pick them for ultimate flavor is when the fruit is 1/2 to 2/3 green. HIGHLY recommended for  those of us who live in COOL SUMMER and FOGGY areas! Do try some!!

Tomato Pink Berkeley Tie Dye


Avg. Water

Compact Indeterminate
65-75 days

Annual all zones