Puya laxa

Puya laxa Puya laxa

Strange & spooky, with hairy, spiny leaves & black flowers – I would call this Puya both otherworldly & UNDERworldy! Each 1’ wide rosette has long leaves, armed with rows of hooked teeth & a surface that’s weirdly wooly. The blooms are borne on 3’+ sprays with reddish stems. The deep blue-black flowers are loosely spaced. At around 4’ wide (smaller in a container), it can be more easily placed in the garden than some of its more heavy-set brethren. I would also say it has the most attractive leaves of any Puya. Huzzah! One of the more obvious perks of Puyas- they make GREAT barrier plants!! So much prettier than barbed wire! Choose a dry site with good drainage for this Bolivian bromeliad.

Claire Woods

Full Sun/Part Sun

USDA Zones 9-10