Catalpa bungei
“Dwarf Indian Bean Tree”

Fragrant orchid-like blooms & hardy to -20° F, this beautiful native of China makes a very cool small specimen tree, especially for urban settings as it’s also highly tolerant of atmospheric pollutants. Forming a spreading umbrella shaped crown of lovely, large (10”), thickly overlapping, heart shaped leaves throughout Spring - the bloom show arrives in July & August when the sweetly scented ½” flowers are borne on upright 12” panicles - either pink or white in color with showy violet & yellow markings.  These are followed by amazing 20” long “bean” pods. To a max of 30’ tall, it’s often pruned much shorter by topping to create strong horizontal branching. Can be grown in a container too!  Best in well-drained soil. Deciduous.


 Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 5-10