Carex praegracilis
“California Field Sedge”

Carex praegracilis “California Field Sedge”

photo:Native Sons Nursery

Carex praecracilis has often been sold as Carex pansa since the coastal dune form of Carex
praegracilis is low & very similar to C. pansa. But our form is distinctively different. It grows to 3' tall & wide. And while it spreads by rhizomes, because of its size it is not an obvious choice for a lawn you actually mean to walk on. However if you were happy with the big & handsome “Berkeley Sedge” - (formerly Carex tumicola, now designated C. divulsa, an non-native), you have a genuinely native alternative here in C. praegracilis. You can use it as big meadow grass, or fit it in along streamsides & ponds since it is a great erosion plant & likes some moisture. Or perhaps as a silvery, light-green foundation plant. If you need it to be neat, rake it clean in the spring.

Anni J.

Avg. water

USDA Zones 6-10