'Jimmy Nardello's Italian Frying Pepper'

In 1887 Guiseppe & Angela Nardiello left the their home in Southen Italy & started a new life in Conneticut. They brought a handful of pepper seeds with them: their favorite sweet frying pepper. Their son Jimmy & his son James became a dedicated gardeners & have kept the heirloom variety alive. And now we are making it available to you!
This pepper is very productive, disease resistant & widely adapted, including producing well in cool summer areas. The 5-8” long banana shaped fruits are very sweet when red & have become favorite among chefs & home gardeners nationwide. Its thin skin makes it particularly good for sauteing with olive oil & garlic, & it was Jimmy Nardello's preferred drying pepper. He would string them with a thread through the stems & hang them up to dry in his shed for winter use. Grow the plants in full sun, 12-16” apart & keep them prolific by not over-watering late in the season.

Anni J.

Avg. Water

Annual Vegetable
USDA Zones 4-11