Pepper 'Lipstick'
“Sweet Pimento Pepper”

Pepper 'Lipstick' “Sweet Pimento Pepper”

Finding a good thick-walled Pepper for the Bay Area has always been a challenge, but like ‘Gypsy’, ‘Lipstick’ has found a following with both home gardeners & many famous Californian chefs. At 2” wide & 4” long, the pimento style peppers are like shiny red cones & they are produced early & in abundance. The walls are thick with deep red flesh, making the peppers outstanding roasted, peeled & stuffed. If you prefer them green, they are ready after 53 days, or red at 73 days. Grow in full sun & space the plants 12-16” apart.

Anni J.

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Annual Vegetable
USDA Zones 4-11