'King Midas'

Epiphyllum King Midas Epiphyllum King Midas

Big, 6-8” blooms in “dreamsicle” peachy orange with a darker mid-stripe are breathtaking – yup! Another one of the thousands of gorgeous hybrid “Orchid Cacti” out there in the world of enthusiastic breeders. Same culture as ‘Monastery Garden’. Easy and undemanding if you treat them right, just give them bright shade or morning sun only – they don’t like afternoon sun. Let them dry out a bit between watering but don’t let them go totally dry. Balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer is recommended. Protect from frost. Many folks grow them as houseplants or bring them indoors in Winter. They’ll bloom once the stems crowd the pot in a year or two.


Brt.Shade/AM Sun Only
Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-11