Fuchsia procumbens
“Creeping Fuchsia”

Fuchsia procumbens “Creeping Fuchsia” Fuchsia procumbens “Creeping Fuchsia”

photo:close up JG in SF

Someone should design earrings from these fascinating blooms! So remarkably un-Fuchsia like, this uncommon New Zealand creeper bears these little (.25”) rainbow colored, upward facing blooms from June to October popping up thru lovely, densely matting, emerald heart shaped leaves. Surprisingly large & showy grape-sized berries follow – and they’re edible & very sweet! Well behaved to only 3” tall & to 3’ across, “Creeping Fuchsia” is delightful in a container & charming as a small-scale groundcover. Fun in hanging baskets, too! Evergreen in mild areas. Rich soil is best!


Pt. Shade-Pt. Sun
Avg. Water
USDA Zones 9-10