Hori-Hori Knife

Make your weeds cower in fear!

Once you own a hori-hori (which translates roughly as "diggy-diggy" in Japanese) you may never want to use another tool for any difficult weeding task, digging, transplanting, cutting through tough roots - you name it! The blade is made of thick carbon steel, with a black finish and measures 6.75" by 2" with a sturdy 5 " wooden handle. One side is sharp and straight, and the other is serrated. Engraved along the center are measurement markers (perfect for planting bulbs!) and each knife comes with a sheath for your belt. Originally from Japan, this tool was used to pry choice bonsai specimens from the mountains, which gives you an idea of both how tough the tool is, and also the kind of delicate, detailed work that you can do!