Artemisia absinthium
“Absinthe Wormwood”

Artemisia absinthium “Absinthe Wormwood” Artemisia absinthium “Absinthe Wormwood”

Until very recently (2007) the alcoholic drink Absinthe was banned from being sold in the United States. This is the notorious plant from which its purported effects are derived! In fact, there is little evidence that any of its components have hallucinogenic properties except in exceedingly high doses (not recommended) and is important to the drink mostly as a flavoring. A greatly useful foliage accent, it’s good in dry, unamended soil with little water after it is established and the dissected silver leaves are lovely and deer proof. “Wormwood” hosts beneficial insects and its roots secrete weed-inhibitors. What a thoughtful plant! Growing to 3’ high and wide, it can be pruned back to the base for fresh growth.

Claire Woods,

Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to Colorado, North Dakota and Washington

Note: Can be invasive where soil is disturbed, so consideration should be given to its use in your area. Not listed as invasive in CA, but may be best grown in a large container or planter box.

Full Sun

USDA Zones 3-10