Aeonium ciliatum

Aeonium ciliatum Aeonium ciliatum

Photos: Aeonium in Habitat and Cultivation
by Rudolf Schulz

Curiously, Dr. Seuss like, this exceptionally rare, true species Aeonium forms a tall trunk to 6’ tall or more topped by its foliar rosette up to 20” across if grown in a shady condition. Architectural & statuesque it’s quite a standout from its Aeonium relatives. Beautiful of leaf, the stalks are quite the fab feature, ashen in color & elegantly marked with spiraling dark brown leaf scars. With more sun or full sun (along the cooler coast) it will grow shorter producing lower side branches & more reddish leaf margins. Easy to grow-just provide well drained soil, some nutrients & occasional Summer water for best show. It also has very showy large domed inflorescence of pure white flowers. From Tenerife.


Avg.-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 9b-11