Agave vilmoriniana
“Octopus Agave”

One of the prettiest Agaves around! And the friendliest! With no prickly spines, this blue-ish Agave is very easy to incorporate into your garden. Understandably named “Octopus Agave” since it looks like a many-armed octopus swaying in the ocean currents. After several years it will produce a 15-20’ tall flower spike of yellow blooms that open in a SPIRAL, making it look like the world’s largest unicorn horn! Plantlets form on the spike and drop to the ground to form new plants. The original plant will die after blooming but there will be many babies to start your own octopus’s garden. Grows 3-4’ tall and 5-6’ wide, doesn’t produce offsets that would mar its shapely form. Great for containers. Native to northwest Mexico. Needs good drainage.

Agave vilmoriniana "Octopus Agave" Agave vilmoriniana "Octopus Agave"
Sun/Pt. Shade
Low/Average Water
Monocarpic Succulent
USDA zones 9-10