Aralia californica
“Elk Clover”

Aralia california Elk Clover Aralia california Elk Clover
photo: (Right) JG in SF

I love to see this Aralia when I’m out hiking because it means I’ve reached a cool, moist, shady spot to rest in. Often growing next to a stream, the lush deeply lobed 3’ long leaves arch gracefully out from shady hillsides. Beginning in June, 2” pom-pom clusters of white flowers emerge, then in the Fall they develop into very ornamental dark purple berries. The berries are loved by birds and are offset nicely by the stems that turn reddish at the same time. Aralia californica grows to 8’ wide and 8’ tall, but goes dormant in the Winter. Native to California and Oregon. Used in herbal anti-inflammatory remedies.


CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 7-10