Acacia pendula
“Weeping Acacia”

Acacia pendula “Weeping Acacia” Acacia pendula “Weeping Acacia”

A choice accent or street tree, this graceful evergreen long-lived native of Australia displays weeping branches clothed in 2-3" silvery blue-grey leaves. Slow growing to 15-20' tall, it's bushy and full when young and takes on an interesting ghostly shape with age. Drought and clay tolerant with a low litter rate, it makes a nice specimen plant and looks especially nice in a large container. In its native habitat it is found growing in dry, heavy clay soil but will look its best in slightly fertile, well-draining soil with an occasional deep watering once established. Small yellow flowers are insignificant.


Full Sun
Avg. /Low water

Tree Perennial
USDA zones 8-10