Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’

My very favorite cottage garden charmer! Why? Because it’s so easy to grow, is the epitome of grace and charm, sways in the slightest breeze and makes great cut flowers. Not enough? Well, it self-sows, so you’ll plant one now and get 10 or more next Spring (or 2 months later in USDA zones 9 and 10, where it blooms year around). ‘Milas’ bears 2” satiny bright rose blossoms with a white throat and subtle radiating black dotted lines. Producing a hundred or more blooms on slender, upright stems, you’ll love this graceful plant. 36” tall and 18” wide. Compost amended soil for happy, healthy plant and best bloom.

Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’ Agrostemma githago ‘Milas’



Full Sun
Average Water
All zones