A. cruentus x A. powellii
‘Hopi Red Dye’

Amaranthus ‘Hopi Red Dye’ A. cruentus x A. powellii Amaranthus ‘Hopi Red Dye’ A. cruentus x A. powellii

Plant this stunning & bold Amaranthus & create a major colorful dramatic presence in your Summer garden! Multi-branching to 4’ or 5’ tall & 2’ wide, it glows in the garden (& when backlit by the sun) with its large dark maroon (edible) foliage, burgundy stems & colossal feathery flower heads of rich ruby red. Long blooming, the flower heads make outrageous cut-flower material fresh or dried & the edible black seeds can be ground to make high protein, gluten-free flour. Birds love them, too! Drought tolerant once established, grow Amaranthus in rich garden soil & full sun. Used by the Hopi as ceremonial food dye to produce red cornbread. Self sows!


Avg./Low Water

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