Dudleya farinosa
“Powdery Liveforever”
"Bluff Lettuce"

Dudleya farinosa Powdery Liveforever Bluff Lettuce Dudleya farinosa Powdery Liveforever Bluff Lettuce
Photo (right) courtesy: John Balcom

Grow them in pots, tuck them into rock walls or let them multiply happily in a raised rock garden – all you need is good drainage to succeed with these everlasting natives of California and Oregon's coastal bluffs. Stunning chalky blue-white leaves create dense succulent rosettes to 1' across bearing 1' stems crowned by clusters of vivid yellow urn-shaped blooms from May to September. Thrives in low fertility - driest conditions bring out the extra showy red coloring on both leaf tips and stems. Native to San Francisco!


Sun/Part Sun
Low/Average Water

CA Native
Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-10