Iochroma coccinea

Plentiful fat bunches of 3-4” slender vermilion red trumpets appear in all but the coldest months of the year on this fast growing evergreen Peruvian shrub. Multi-branched to 8’x8’, grow it for a quick screen and enjoy the hummingbirds! Handsome glossy tropicalesque foliage. It’s clay-ish tolerant, but faster and bloomier in rich, loamy soil. Blooms on new growth and new growth is fast, so you can easily prune to a shorter height. Hardy to 25°F. Near the coast it’s cool in the sun, but for those of you in warmer places, plant in a shadier place to protect from hot afternoon sun. ALL PARTS POISONOUS!


Sun/Pt. Sun

Avg./Weekly Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9b-11