‘The Third Harmonic’

Photo (right) courtesy of Saxon Holt

Alstroemeria ‘The Third Harmonic’ has stunningly beautiful golden-orange flowers with black stripes and steel blue petal tips. They are the perfect cut flowers with up to 2 weeks of vase life and the flowers are produced all year round. The stalks are 3-4’ tall with bright green leaves and the plant stays evergreen if watered (necessary for all year flower production). Otherwise it goes dormant in the Summer and returns in the Fall. It does best in full sun at the coast (likely to flop over if shaded), part shade otherwise. It spreads from a 4" pot to cover a 4’ area in 7 years. Enjoy the absolutely fabulous flowers and watch the visiting hummingbirds.

Full Sun
Avg/No Summer Water
Zones 7-10
(Possibly cooler)