Campanula incurva

Campanula incurva Campanula incurva

When this very rare Campanula bloomed in our nursery, it instantly became a superstar with a cult following! Yes, it takes two years to bloom and dies thereafter, but no card-carrying plant-a-holic can pass this treasure up! Shockingly large, exquisitely formed, ice blue bells are beautifully displayed on branching stems 1’ to 2’ tall and 1.5' wide. I must tell you that even if it never bloomed, the fascinating buds, looking like rosy-tipped, Turkish turbans, are well worth the price of admission. Until they bloom, the low, tight foliage rosette is attractive and remains evergreen. Rich, well-drained soil is best. Native to Greece.


Campanula incurva

Pt. Sun/Brt. Shade

Avg./Low water
(Drought tolerant once established)

Hardy in USDA zones 8-10