Astilboides tabularis
(syn. Rodgersia tabularis)

Highly valued for its fabulously bold, tropicalesque foliage, this native of China & Japan forms big clumps, 3’ to 4’ tall & across. The beautiful leaves, like large, rounded, shallowly lobed fans, are light green & softly hairy. Bloom time is from May to July, when the strong, dark, upright stems display plume-like spikes of numerous, tiny, creamy white, star-shaped flowers. Astilboides tabularis likes part shade to bright shade, rich, composty soil & cool, moist conditions. A good choice for growing next to a pond or moist corner. Takes several years to get a good-sized clump.

A.M. Sun/Brt. Shade
Moist soil


USDA zones 3-10