Rosa 'Marble Gardens Mystery Rose'Rosa 'Marble Gardens Mystery Rose' 

“Marble Gardens Mystery Rose” is the best landscape rose I know of with a clean, strong scent of green apples. Some have said it is a form of ‘Blush Noisette’ or ‘Amy Vibert,’ but I have never confirmed its identity. It is a great landscape rose, very healthy & it maintains a nice compact form, blooming in Spring. It does not throw out awkward branches that have to be trimmed. My plant is now five years old, is about 5’ tall & 4’ wide & finally looks like a little pruning might improve its shape. Until now I have occasionally deadheaded clusters of hips, but otherwise not touched it. It has never been watered or sprayed & does not look like it needs any care at all. The flowers are double & in clusters, light creamy pink & the buds are as suitable for buttonholes as (the less manageable) Cecile Brunner. I sometimes bring a bouquet to the office & it is universally applauded for its delicateness & fine scent,
Overall it has been the easiest of all my roses to grow. It grows itself.

Anni J.

 Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 7-10