(Salvia columbariae)

Chia Salvia columbariae Chia Salvia columbariae
Photos by (left) Randy Lloyd (right) fractalv

Chi-chi-chi-chia PLANT! Grow your own chia seeds for use in smoothies, baking, and all kinds of culinary fun! The EDIBLE SEEDS have high-energy value and were used by Native Americans in bread concoctions and medicine. (I like to mix mine with fruit juice for a mid-morning pick-me-up). This annual “Chia” makes a very attractive plant, both in flower and form. It grows to 20” tall with multiple flowering stems surrounded by large flower clusters - kinda like multistory lollipops. Mid-blue blooms are held in reddish purple calyxes for a super eye-catching combination! Foliage forms a pretty, gray-green rosette of quilted and deeply lobed leaves. Thrives in dry, well-drained soil but also does well with average water. Reseeds!

Low/Avg. Water

Annual Edible
All zones