Clematis viticella
“Italian Clematis”
Clematis viticella “Italian Clematis” Clematis viticella “Italian Clematis”

The flaring, bell shaped flowers on this vigorous, hardy Clematis are borne in great numbers from mid-Summer to early Fall. We grow these from seed & so the colors may vary from deep rich purple to soft blue. C. viticella is resistant to Clematis wilt & so has been used as a parent to many of the best hybrids, imparting its hardy, easygoing nature to its offspring. A fast, twining grower, it can easily reach 15’ to 20’ by its second year. Blooms on new growth - so prune it severely in early Spring. Clematis love rich, composty soil & regular water. Root area should be shaded (with other plants) or heavily mulched.


Regular Water

Perennial Vine

USDA Zones 5-10, Sunset zones 14-17