Cussonia paniculata
“Mountain Cabbage Tree”Cussonia paniculata “Mountain Cabbage Tree”

Straight outta Dr. Seuss & growing to a height of only 10-12’ tall, this South African tree fits in almost any garden, quickly becoming a celebrity! Everyone will want to know what it is! Sprouting from the top of the sturdy trunk, the handsome blue-green leaves look like giant snowflakes. Luckily, it’s evergreen & the corky, fissured bark is a bonus! Easy & requiring little care, it provides height for a dry garden or parking strip. Great in a large container, too! If you keep it for eight years, it will start to make round, purple fruits loved by small birds.  Provide good drainage.



Sun/Pt. Sun (in hotter areas)
Low-Avg. Water

drought tolerant

Small Tree
USDA Zones 9-11