Arthropodium cirratum
“Renga Lily”

Perfectly content in DRY SHADE! I absolutely adore this New Zealand native for its toughness and year-round great appearance.  LOW MAINTENANCE, EVERGREEN and HEAT, DROUGHT and CLAYISH TOLERANT, with elegant dense clumps of glossy elongated leaves to 2’x2’. I use it as path edging in part-shade areas, as a groundcover under trees and for filling difficult corners. SUPER EASY, it blooms in Summer with plentiful 2’ long showy, long-lasting graceful sprays of white orchid-like flowers ornamented with fuzzy pink and yellow stamens. Salt spray tolerant, too, and you get cool cut flowers. Thrives with an annual side-dress of compost. Cut back to 1’ tall, whenever to refresh. Hardy to 15° F.



Avg./Low Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 8b-11