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Fruit Tree Pruning and Grafting Workshop!
with John Valenzuela on March 9 at 11 am!

Join us for a fruit tree pruning and grafting workshop with horticulturist and educator John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens on Saturday, March 9 at 11 am!

A member of the Golden Gate chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers society and coordinator for their annual Scion Exchange, John will cover important topics like the difference between Winter pruning to stimulate old wood on established trees and Summer pruning to control growth and tree size. You'll learn the importance of thinning and how to increase fruit size, as well as how to custom propagate your favorite varieties by grafting them onto the appropriate rootstock – so you can maximize fruit varieties in a limited space!

NEW for YOU in 2019!!

Our 2018 plant trials are complete! We've measured the new recruits and the few that did survive the gauntlet of our expectations are starting to roll out! Here are just a handful of the beauties that blew us away in 2018 – with more to come! Grab them while you can, some are limited or only available once a year!

Plants to Dye For!

The Magic of Backyard Botanical Dyes with
Alchemist Sasha Duerr on Saturday, February 23!

Sasha Duerr, author, alchemist and founder of the Permacouture Institute, will share a wealth of local and seasonal plants (as well as weeds and waste from your garden!) that make gorgeous natural plant dyes on Saturday, February 23 at 11 am! She'll focus on ways to easily integrate natural dye plants into your garden – and do a demonstration on the rich and rewarding colors these plants yield.

Showtime for Spring!

Greetings garden friends! The days we Western gardeners look forward to all year-long are upon us! Longer days, much needed Spring showers (yay!!) and the sweet sound of birdsong can only mean ... SPRING is near!!

In honor of this magical gardening time of year – so full of promise and potential! – we've put together an inspirational and uplifting SPRING SLIDESHOW to get you in the gardening mood. Cruise ahead of the gardening curve with the most luscious plant combos and color schemes for the new season!

Two Snaps Up For Our Favorite Cottage Garden Annuals!

Glorious in the Spring garden, sublime in the Summer garden, fabulous in the Fall garden - our old-fashioned romantic Snapdragons are among our best-selling annuals year-round because they're all that and a bag of compost!

Easy, long-blooming and upstanding to a proper 3' tall, they bring a wash of pastel perfection to your mixed beds and containers, mingling with other annuals and providing coverage for taller shrubs and perennials. You can keep them blooming Spring thru Autumn by cutting 'em back to about 8" after they bloom and plying with compost – they'll bounce right back for round two! Plus, here in our mild climate, they often overwinter for even more fun next Spring!

Become A Rose Expert in One Class!

Horticulturalist and Rose Expert Cristin Fusano leads the way Jan. 26 at 11 am!

Romantic roses give so much for so little effort. Loyal and stalwart, never fair-weather or flighty; the best roses don't hog our resources or demand too much of our time. So when it comes to their care and feeding, we owe it to them to get it right!

Enter Cristin Fusano – a rose expert with over 35 years of experience! Cristin returns to the nursery on Saturday, January 26 at 11 am for a rosarian cram session that not only covers the theory behind Winter rose pruning, but tells us exactly where to cut and why. She'll bust myths and build your knowledge on watering, feeding, grooming and pest control – ie: everything you need to grow strong, healthy bushes that produce beautiful blooms and vigorous canes.

In Pursuit of Delicious Fruit!

All Your Fruit Tree Questions Answered!

No matter what size your garden, there's room for fruit trees!

January is the perfect time for us Bay Area gardeners to plant bare-root fruit trees and that's why we are always dang pleased to welcome back our dedicated and beloved FRUIT TREE GENIUS, Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery on Jan. 19 at 11 am to give us all the info we need to select, plant, prune and protect new and established trees!

Fab FRAGRANT Freesias!

Our most popular bare-root bulbs are ready!

Don't be surprised if neighbors follow their noses to your garden, wondering where that delicious fragrance is coming from!

We're excited to share our collection of first-class Freesias with you – as bare-root bulbs!

Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs!

Smarty gardeners plant bare-root bulbs in the Fall!

Our hand-picked selection of Spring blooming bulbs are here! And planting the bodacious bulbs in the Fall is a super-duper value, seasonally appropriate and EASY as pie!

Normally, we would pot these babies up (one bulb per pot), let them hang out in the nursery to grow big, fat roots and then offer them to you as 4" plants come Spring. Now, you can skip the wait and plant right away, letting them root directly into your garden and containers – no muss, no fuss! Plus, you'll cover more ground with 3 to 10 bare-root bulbs per bag (depending on variety) AND most of them will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each successive year!

Retirement Party 2018!

Last Chance for Great Plants!

Gold watches all around to some of our stalwart faves!

Here at Annie's, we grow over 2000 varieties of plants – every year! That means over a million plants start their little baby lives in our greenhouses to go forth and brighten gardens all over the U.S. from our 2.5-acre nursery in Richmond, CA! In other words we grow too many plants for the amount of space we have!

So, we're giving some of our long-time favorite plants the well-deserved proverbial gold watch to make way for new and exciting offerings in 2019 (coming soon)!