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Winter (Blooming) Wonderland!

What to plant right now for a Winter bloom-athon!

Here in coastal California, FALL is the BEST and most horticulturally correct time to plant! Why? Because our rainy season is almost upon us and during our mild Winters temperatures rarely go below freezing.

Don't Be Afraid of the Shade!

Dry Shade gardens can be beautiful – Earl Nickel tells us how Sat., October 12 at 11 am!

Take your dry shade situation from dire to inspired! Every gardener who's battled this silent killer knows the feeling of frustration and futility of dealing with two of nature's most unfriendly environments.

Magic Spring Garden Mojo Starts Now!

Annie Shows You How – Sat, Sept. 28 at 11 am!

Want to know what we do here at the nursery to get our gardens in tip-top shape for maximum magic? Want to know what to plant right now? How about a preview of some of the neatest plants we've grown this year? Be here and behold – Annie will share all this and more at our FABULOUS FALL PLANTING PARTY!

Join in the FALL PARTY FUN
Sept. 28 & 29, 10am-4pm!

It's our favorite time of year to plant AND a great time to start planning your Spring garden!

We've got a huge selection of CA native wildflowers, drought tolerant perennials, hardy annuals, Winter veggies, plant-now-for-Spring-bloomers, succulents, Winter bloomers and more!

Garden for Life!

Learn to garden smarter, not harder with adaptive gardening expert Toni Gattone on Sept. 14 at 11 am!

Raise your hand if you've ever walked out into the garden to "just pull a few weeds" and a couple hours later, found yourself so stiff and sore you could barely crawl out? It happens to every gardener – that moment when you realize you have a "new normal" of what you can comfortably or safely do in your garden.

How to Cope with a Slope - Redux!

Strategies for Gardening on Hillsides with Horticulturalist Ellyn Shea on August 31 at 11 am!

The Bay Area is full of hills, but don’t let the steep slope of your yard scare you away from creating a beautiful garden!

Hillsides are a challenge, whether they're dry or irrigated, sunny or shady – which is why we invited Ellyn back for another installment of How to Cope with a Slope on Saturday, August 31 at 11 am! A consulting horticulturalist and certified arborist, Ellyn will share strategies for gardening on slopes so you can enjoy a beautiful and productive garden without wasting water or losing soil!

Kiss Your Grass Goodbye!

Kick your lawn to the curb with Landscape Architect & Author Sarah Sutton on Saturday, August 17 at 11 am!

From Turf to Terrific!

Join us on Saturday, August 17 at 11 am for a liberating talk by Sarah Sutton, Landscape Architect and author of the excellent book, "The New American Front Yard: Kiss Your Grass Goodbye."

Delicious Citrus!

Squeeze the most lemons out of life with Aaron Dillon of Four Winds Growers on Sat. August 3 at 11 am!

Luscious lemons, outrageous oranges and lively limes are yours for the plucking – with great advice from Aaron Dillon, fourth generation owner of Four Winds Growers on Saturday, August 3 at 11 am!

Wacky Agastache!

Birds and Bees Go Wild for Hummingbird Mint!

Ahh, the virtues of the genus Agastache are as long and as varied as the myriad ways we have of pronouncing its name! But whether you say "Aga-STAK-ee" or "A-GAS-ta-key" (heck, you can even call it Aga-STASH and we won't blink), there's a "Hummingbird Mint" for you!

Highly Successful Succulents!

Mix Succulents with Mediterranean beauties with Marlene Simon on Saturday, July 20 at 11 am!

We're excited to welcome Marlene Simon, horticulturalist with the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, on Saturday, July 20 at 11 am! Marlene will share tips on the art of growing succulents – in containers and in the ground – alongside some of our favorite low-water Mediterranean climate annuals and perennials!