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A short list of our favorite tried-and-true indestructible perennials

Here at Annie's we have a special classification of plants that are not only beautiful, but so hearty that they are hard to kill even if you try! If you or someone you know is affectionately known as a "plant murderer" take note of these tried-and-true can't-kill-'em favorites that are also all perennials, perfect for planting now, and sure to reward you for years to come.

The A’s Have It! Achillea, Agaves, Aloes & Aeoniums

Although last week's storm was a doozy, we're not out of the drought yet, so water-wise perennials still top on our list of plants to grow for a more drought tolerant, environmentally sustainable garden. Achilleas, agaves, aloes and aeoniums all offer rich color, structure and texture that can integrate well into many garden styles. And since they are all perennials, now is a perfect time for planting so they can establish strong root systems and mature before the heat of summer.

Plant Cool and Look Cool

This week we're dishing up some cool (weather) perennials and cool Annie's apparel which has recently "come back from the Dead." With the weather cooling, tis the season to plant perennials so they can leverage the lower temps and rains to establish strong root systems that will then help them survive heat with less water over summer. Tis also the season to grab one of our Dia de los Muertos hip skull and botanical print t-shirts and sweatshirts that were designed by the one and only Annie Hayes herself and have not been around for quite some time.

The Nose Knows – the beauty of fragrance in the Garden

If emails sent scents, this one would offer an "AromaRama" of sweet and delicious smells. Fragrant plants add a wonderful sensory bonus to the visual beauty of flowers and foliage in the garden. The smell of a garden can be just as appealing as how it looks, and those smells also attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. In addition to enjoying these lovelies in the garden many make excellent long-lasting cut flowers that let you bring the beauty and fragrance inside.


Our freesia bulbs are here! For 2021, we have a collection of customer favorites plus two brand new rare varieties you won't find anywhere else. These beautiful freesias will be the only bulbs we offer this season and quantities are limited, so if you want them, we recommend you act fast.

All of our freesias are a whopping 10 bulbs per bag. And, they naturalize and spread rather easily in our climate so you can enjoy FREESIA FREEBIES for years to come.

Bloomiferous California Natives

We've been touting the value and importance of planting natives for quite some time here at Annie's. So we were more than happy to partner with the California Native Plant Society's Bloom! California initiative – a statewide effort to educate and encourage Californians to plant more natives. Native plants are inherently climate conscious and, water-wise; and they provide invaluable habitat and food sources for native pollinators and wildlife. Oh, and did we mention they are beautiful and bloomiferous too! Bloom! California is focused on 11 plant groups including some of our favorites -- Clarkia, Salvia, Phacelia, Ornamental Grasses and Yarrow -- but at Annie's we grow over 150 native varieties and currently have over 50 in stock. Check out these California beauties.

Shrub Love

Here at Annie's we LOVE SHRUBS for their beauty, longevity and overall usefulness in the garden. And, just like shoes, there's a shrub for every occasion – which in garden-speak means microclimate, soil type, size, color palette and style. Shrubs are a key component of every garden ensemble. They provide shade, improve soil stability, attract pollinators, enhance air quality and offer habitats for wildlife. Heck, well established and maintained shrubs can even boost your property value (ask a realtor if you don't believe us).

Keep hummers humming by growing their favorite plants!

And enjoy 20% off our featured hummingbird favorites all weekend.

How can you not love the hummingbird? Small, fierce, jewel-encrusted, aerodynamic marvels of nature that only those of us who live in the Americas get to enjoy in our gardens. Epic battles are waged here over hummingbird territories, and every year the staff discovers at least a couple of tiny hidden nests.

We've got you - and the ground - fully covered

Oh, how glorious groundcovers can be. For every focal point plant, architectural specimen, standout shrub or showy bloomer, there's a hard-working "supporting actor," playing its part at their feet. Groundcovers are hardworking with few complaints, and on occasion, they've been known to steal the show. We use groundcovers extensively in our demo beds to smooth over patchy spots, cover up knobby ankles and spectacularly spill over the edge of rock walls and containers. You don't know how much you need them, until you plant them and see how beautifully they tie the garden together!

Help Restore Nature with Noteworthy CA Natives

Our love for California native plants is virtually immeasurable. Did you know that more varieties dwell in our home state than in ALL OTHER STATES COMBINED and there are over 2000 species that grow here and nowhere else! Natives enrich our local ecology by providing sustenance to local wildlife and pollinators, most reseed in the garden for successive generations of FREE plants. They thrive with very little assistance and deal with drought and disease with aplomb. After all, they have been here much longer than we have. Making space for natives in your own garden helps preserve our California heritage and the environment for the future. And, with such a bounty of choices, it makes for some fine gardening, too!