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Grow a Little Fruit Tree!

Easy Harvest Pruning Workshop with author Ann Ralph on Saturday June 9 at 11 am!

Grow your own fruit, even in the smallest backyard!

Timed pruning offers a revolutionary approach to fruit tree care – and now is the time to Summer prune to keep trees small and easy. Join expert Ann Ralph THIS SATURDAY, June 9 at 11 am to learn all the basics: from the simple logic of pruning and how to prune for short stature to easy harvest, seasonal routines, and pest and disease control.

Ann's wonderful book "Grow A Little Fruit Tree: Simple Pruning Techniques for Small Space, Easy Harvest Fruit Trees" is packed with practical advice on selecting varities, easy pruning plans and simple maintenance guidelines.Bring your questions and join us for a book signing after the talk!

Endless Summer!

Get Inspired - Watch Our Summer Slideshow!

And just like THAT ... it's time to think about your

As the season slowly shifts to sunny Summer, we find ourselves unceremoniously ripping out our Spring annuals (so floriferous, they've been blooming their heads off since March) and replanting our demonstration gardens with big-bang-for-the-bloom Summer-to-Fall favorites that promise to evoke ooohs and aaahs from our visitors come June all the way to September (and beyond!).

With longer days affording a few more precious minutes in the garden, you'll find yourself out enjoying the buzzing bees and cutting bouquets in your own Summer paradise ... that is IF you get a move on and plant some simple Summer season extenders soon!

Join The Pollinator Posse!

Garden to support butterflies with Tora Rocha at our Butterfly Summit on May 26!

Increase your garden karma by creating a sanctuary for butterflies and other pollinators.

Join us and our favorite butterfly and pollinator advocate Tora Rocha at our 2nd Annual BUTTERFLY SUMMIT on Saturday, May 26 at 1 pm!

The founder and fearless leader of Oakland's Pollinator Posse, a volunteer group that creates "pollinator corridors" in and around Oakland, Tora will share the gardening equivalent of pollinator "best practices" – the whys and hows of providing food, cover and water for our local fauna – and how sometimes subtle (and not-so-subtle!) changes in how we garden can make a big impact on the birds, bees, butterflies and insects around us. Plus, she'll share some of her favorite butterfly-sustaining nectar and host plants!

It's 2018: Do You Know Where Your Butterflies Are?

Dr. Art Shapiro on The State of Butterflies in CA on Saturday, May 26 at our Butterfly Summit!

We welcome back butterfly expert Dr. Arthur Shapiro – professor of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis, to our 2nd Annual BUTTERFLY SUMMIT on Saturday, May 26 at 11 am!

There's a lot of hype out there about the state of butterflies in California: Are the headlines about the Monarch being “endangered” true? Are insect faunas in free fall (as reported in Germany)? What are the relative impacts on butterflies of climate change, land use change, introduced species, and pesticides?

Join us for our 2nd Annual BUTTERFLY SUMMIT!

Saturday, May 26 from 10 am - 4 pm!

Local experts weigh in on the state of butterflies in the Bay Area – find out what you can do to help!

We are thrilled to announce our 2nd annual Butterfly Summit on Saturday, May 26 from 10 am to 4 pm at the nursery! Last year's Summit was such a fantastic meeting of the minds that we're ready to do it again!

Join us and several of the Bay Area’s leading butterfly experts to find out what we can do to help struggling butterfly populations in the Bay Area, including gardening for native species, creating butterfly corridors and preserving habitat.

Tomato-mania with Brad Gates!

Our favorite farmer from Wild Boar Farms talks tomato
on Sun. May 13, DAY 2 of our Mother's Day Party!

Is there anything so delicious as a tomato,
fresh-picked from the vine?

No watery hothouse-grown grocery-store tomato could ever hope to compare to the sweet, bold, earthy, rich taste of a homegrown beauty. And here to tell you all about how to grow the BEST, most PERFECT tomatoes is our favorite tomato whisperer - Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms – on Sunday, May 13, Day 2 of our Mother's Day Celebration!

Brad has spent the last decade perfecting the art of breeding and growing outrageous tomatoes at his organic farm in Suisun Valley. Using heirloom genetics as a foundation, he's tested, trialed and introduced myriad new varieties with extreme flavor featuring bright stripes and beautiful bi-colors. Join us for a big selection of all of our favorite tomatoes, plus a few of Brad's latest offerings!

Incredible Edible Flowers!

Bring a taste of the garden indoors with Stefani Bittner – Saturday, May 12 at 11 am!

Join us for a fun and fresh exploration of all things edible with Stefani Bittnerco-owner of Bay Area landscape design firm Homestead Design Collective and author of the fab book "Harvest: Unexpected Projects Using Extraordinary Garden Plants” on Saturday, May 12 at 11:00 am – Day 1 of our MOTHER'S DAY EXTRAVAGANZA!

Many of us recognize the tasty blooms of Nasturtium, Borage and Calendula, but Stefani is here to help us expand our palettes! Did you know that you can eat the flowers of Agastache, "Bachelor Buttons" and Campanulas, too? Oh, and that's not all! She'll tell us how to add floral pizazz to a variety of dishes, desserts and cocktails - and give us a taste of a few of her favorites! Bring your questions and join us for a fun day of party hijinks!

Mother's Day Extravaganza!

Save the Date: May 12 & 13, 10-5!

Come enjoy our sweetest and most romantic event of the year! And as our way to say "Thanks Mom", we'll give away

ONE FREE PLANT for Moms & Grandmoms*

*Valid IN THE NURSERY ONLY on May 12 & 13, 2018 on YELLOW TAG PLANTS with purchase.

We'll serve up cakes, munchies, and music. Budderball the Clown and Very Fairy Manda will be here for the little (and big) people! New and wonderful this year: Giant Puppets Save The World! And don't miss a chance to be Queen for a Day where TWO lucky winners will be treated each day to a FREE SHOPPING BONANZA!

Designing The Fire-Safe Landscape

with designer and sustainability champion Kate Frey, Saturday, April 28 at 11 am!

After the devastating fires in Northern California last year and other notable urban all fires around the world, fire-safety is something we gardeners are thinking about more and more. How do we evaluate and renovate existing landscapes or create a new garden for fire safety? What changes can we make to create a more fire-safe situation in our own gardens and neighborhoods?

Join us on Sat., April 28 at 11am as our favorite garden designer and sustainability expert Kate Frey answers those questions and more as she covers the essentials of designing a fire-safe landscape. From site analysis and creating defensible space to design, management and selecting appropriate plant varieties in fire-prone areas, Kate will cover everything you need to know to start planning your own fire-safe garden. Sure to be packed with info – and also packed! Arrive early to claim a seat and bring your questions!

Sophisticated Silver Foliage!

Fantastic contrastic plants that light up the garden!

As gardeners, we all love flowers – riotous, rewarding, ravishing blooms in every shade of the rainbow, brightening the garden and bringing in the bees and other pollinators. But a well-balanced and interesting garden does not thrive on blooms alone! Glorious gardens need texture, verticality and contrast – something that our collection of sensual silver-foliaged plants can provide in spades, whether it's providing a cool-toned foil to hot colors like red and yellows, complimenting blues, yellows or pinks or capturing the eye in a sea of green foliage.

Bonus! Most silver-foliaged and fuzzy-leaved plants are by nature drought tolerant and deer and bug resistant! They're tough and adaptable, fuzzy and pettable, low maintenance and USEFUL – just give them all good drainage and average/low water and you'll be rewarded with a glowing display that makes your garden shine!