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Keep The Bloom Alive!

Mega-bloomers bridge the gap between seasons!

Even though it's juuuust beginning to feel like Spring around here, we're already thinking ahead to our transitional mid to late-Spring/early Summer gardens. It's so easy and fun to get swept up in the hullabaloo of sunshine and birdsong after a long Winter, but we gardeners always have to be one step ahead of the seasons if we want to keep the blooms coming!

Plant a Pollinator Paradise!

With Don Mahoney, Curator Emeritus for SFBG
on Saturday, April 6, Day 1 of our SPRING PARTY!

Want to learn about our BEST tried-and-true pollinator powerhouses guaranteed to lure all the little bees, birds, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden?

Well then, friends, do we have a treat for you! Don Mahoney, curator emeritus for the San Francisco Botanical Garden and a long-time Annie's friend, shopper and supporter, joins us on Saturday, April 6 at 11 am for a fun and informative talk on a subject near and dear to his heart – bird, bee and butterfly gardening!

Our Dreamiest Combo!

If we had to share the ONE plant combo that, year after year, never fails to inspire and delight us and our visitors, surely it must be this sweetest of Springtime plantings. First featured in our inaugural catalog in 2006 (!), we continue to fill our demonstration beds and sample pots with this easy and rewarding, long-blooming mix of California native and Mediterranean wildflowers.

Quintessential thriller and spiller, Nemophila menziesii "Baby Blue Eyes" is the backbone of so many of our Spring gardens. As a cool season annual, it blooms its heart out for months – from earliest Spring until the weather heats up. The last crops roll out in late April (and it won't be available again until Fall!), so now is the time to plant if you want to enjoy its effervescent cheer for as long as possible!

Spring Party Spectacular!

Save the Date: April 6 &7, 10-4!

Come celebrate our happiest and most joyful season with us!

We love a good party and we'll be dancing the day away with our go-go dancers, noshing on FREE munchies, getting our faces painted by the amazing Budderball the Clown and listening to fun and info-packed talks on bird, butterfly and bee gardening by Don Mahoney, curator emeritus at San Francisco Botanical Garden and Gardening 101 by Annie!

Come meet the enormous handcrafted menagerie of Monarchs, hummingbirds and more with puppeteer and stilt-walker, Toni Tone and Giant Puppets Save The World!

Primary Pop!

This week's combo is a study in color!

In this gloriously glowing garden, Thomas is in excellent company: righteous red Papaver sp. "Greek Poppy" and showy orange Cheiranthus x allionii provide contrast and sparkle, while sunny CA native wildflower Layia platyglossa "Tidy Tips" complements the yellow "banners" of the Lupine. Sprinkle in frothy white self-sowing Omphalodes linifolia “Venus’ Navelwort” (front right) here and there and voila! Magic!

Our Fave RomCom(bo)!

This week's dreamy & romantic plant combo!

Create a dreamy wonderland with four of our tried-est and true-est Springtime (and beyond!) bloomersAgrostemma 'Milas', Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green', Scabiosa caucasica 'Fama Blue' and Eschscholzia californica 'Rose Chiffon'. Together they form the backbone of many a Springtime garden past because they reliably blm long and prosper, and never disappoint! Plant them now with our favorite bubbly edger and CA native Nemophila menziesii "Baby Blue Eyes" for pastel perfection!

Combo of the Week!
Tried-and-True Plant Combos That'll Work
Harder Than You Do!

Pretty pastels mix and mingle in this sweetheart of a Spring garden featuring California native wildflowers "Baby Blue Eyes", "Arroyo Lupine" and "Tufted Poppy". Plant now for a beautiful bloom-at-the-same-time explosion come April! Supporting perennial castmates Geranium 'Bill Wallis', Aquilegia 'Krystal', Delphinium elatum 'Cobalt Dreams' and Dianthus plumarius 'Rose de Mai' provide structure and bloom well into Summer and beyond.

A handful of our easiest and most popular self-sowing annuals Nicotiana 'Lime Green', Agrostemma 'Milas' and Cynoglossum amabile 'Blue Showers' round out the show, providing a happy parade of free plants for seasons to come!

Fruit Tree Pruning and Grafting Workshop!
with John Valenzuela on March 9 at 11 am!

Join us for a fruit tree pruning and grafting workshop with horticulturist and educator John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens on Saturday, March 9 at 11 am!

A member of the Golden Gate chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers society and coordinator for their annual Scion Exchange, John will cover important topics like the difference between Winter pruning to stimulate old wood on established trees and Summer pruning to control growth and tree size. You'll learn the importance of thinning and how to increase fruit size, as well as how to custom propagate your favorite varieties by grafting them onto the appropriate rootstock – so you can maximize fruit varieties in a limited space!

NEW for YOU in 2019!!

Our 2018 plant trials are complete! We've measured the new recruits and the few that did survive the gauntlet of our expectations are starting to roll out! Here are just a handful of the beauties that blew us away in 2018 – with more to come! Grab them while you can, some are limited or only available once a year!

Plants to Dye For!

The Magic of Backyard Botanical Dyes with
Alchemist Sasha Duerr on Saturday, February 23!

Sasha Duerr, author, alchemist and founder of the Permacouture Institute, will share a wealth of local and seasonal plants (as well as weeds and waste from your garden!) that make gorgeous natural plant dyes on Saturday, February 23 at 11 am! She'll focus on ways to easily integrate natural dye plants into your garden – and do a demonstration on the rich and rewarding colors these plants yield.