Grow Unusual Fruit!
With horticulturalist & CRFG expert John Valenzuela on Saturday, October 26 at 11 am!

Asian Pears? Chilean Guava? Jujubes? Many varieties of unusual fruit are perfectly adapted to the Bay Area! Come learn what they are and how to grow them with horticulturalist and educator John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens on Sat. October 26 at 11 am!

A long-time member of the California Rare Fruit Growers organization, John will share his favorite varieties and how to grow them – including general care and feeding, as well as tips for common pests and diseases. A walking library of rare fruit information, his depth of knowledge on edibles, from the unusual to the commonplace, is outstanding!

BONUS: Since it's our last talk of the year, we'll raffle off all sorts of excellent garden goodies after the talk – no purchase necessary - just be here by 11 am to nab a free raffle ticket!

From Weird to Wonderful - Our Fave Fruits!
Passiflora mollisima "Banana Passionfruit" Fragaria x ananassa 'Elan'

Passiflora mollisima "Banana Passionfruit"
A beautiful Passiflora that produces tons of delicious fruit, even in our cool Summers! Quickly grows to 20’, producing elongated yellow fruits almost year-round. Stunning growing on an arbor or trellis – butterflies and hummingbirds galore!

Fragaria x ananassa 'Elan'
Prolific and delicious, this remarkably vigorous new gourmet Dutch hybrid strawberry boasts extra sweet flavor thanks to high sugar levels and 30-50% more vitamin C than other everbearers! Tasting is believing! Beautiful in a hanging basket!

Fuchsia procumbens  “Creeping Fuchsia” Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla 
Fuchsia procumbens
“Creeping Fuchsia”
Remarkably un-Fuchsia like, this uncommon New Zealand creeper bears tiny (.25”) rainbow colored, upward facing blooms above a dense groundcovery 3' x 3' mat. Showy and sweet grape-sized berries follow the blooms and are delicious! Delightful in a hanging basket or container.
Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla

Perfect for screening out your ugly view, this 6-8' tall "Black Elderberry" displays luscious finely-cut burgundy-black foliage. Rosy pink flowers (can be used in syrups and teas) are followed by dark berries that can be used to make jams, pies and wine! Hardy USDA zone 5!
Canarina canariensis “Canary Bellflower” Lycium chinense “Goji Berry”

Canarina canariensis “Canary Bellflower”
Crazy AWESOME and RARE, this Canary Islands cloud forest beauty produces 3” long orangey-red bells all Winter on 6-10' branching vines, followed by walnut sized tasty orange fruits! Thrives in rich soil and perfect for coastal California where it doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Lycium chinense “Goji Berry”
Instead of paying beaucoup bucks for a handful of store-bought berries, grow your own on a handsome, arching shrub! This lovely perennial edible bears innumerable 1” fruits, delicious fresh or dried, and leaves can be used to make a tasty tea. Hardy to USDA zone 4!
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