Don't Be Afraid of the Shade!
Dry Shade gardens can be beautiful –
Earl Nickel tells us how Sat., October 12 at 11 am!

Take your dry shade situation from dire to inspired! Every gardener who's battled this silent killer knows the feeling of frustration and futility of dealing with two of nature's most unfriendly environments.

Which is why we're thrilled to welcome curious plantsman and garden writer Earl Nickel to the nursery on Saturday, October 12 at 11 am for a fantastic chat on how to garden with success in the face of distress!

Earl will help you get to know the types of shade you're dealing with (there's more than one?), the best plants for each situation and a few other tips for brightening that shady corner where the hose won't reach and bringing it to life!

Dry Shade Saviors!
All Plants 20% off thru Oct. 13!*
Euphorbia characias ‘Dwarf’ Solanum valerianum 'Navidad, Jalisco'

Euphorbia characias ‘Dwarf’
Enormous outrageous chartreuse flowers take your garden to the next level! SUPER EASY, shade and drought tolerant AND not fussy about soil, it’s deer and gopher resistant, too! An all-around gardening kiss-of-death problem solver! Self-sows! Hardy USDA zone 7!

Solanum valerianum 'Navidad, Jalisco'
A vine for dry shade! Massive wisteria-like clusters of glittery purple blooms adorn this member of the Nightshade family. Easy, fast-growing and not fussy about soil or water, it blooms Spring to December for lots of garden thrills. Best against a fence or wall.

Arthropodium cirratum 
“Renga Lily” Impatiens sodenii ‘La Vida Rosa’

Arthropodium cirratum “Renga Lily”
Perfectly content in DRY SHADE! We adore this NZ native for its toughness and year-round great appearance. Low maintenance, evergreen and heat tolerant, it's excellent along paths, under trees and filling in difficult corners. Hardy USDA zone 8.

Impatiens sodenii ‘La Vida Rosa’
Not one of those puny little Impatiens you can pick up outside the grocery store. No! This shrub Impatiens reaches 5'x 6' and is perfect for filling in a large shady nook with little water once established. Blooms Spring thru Fall!
Plectranthus ecklonii Rubus calycinoides “Creeping Raspberry”

Plectranthus ecklonii
THIS is the plant everyone goes nuts over when it blooms in our shady parking lot every Fall! Truly glorious, it couldn't be easier to grow, is long-lived, clay and drought tolerant, not to mention aromatic and distasteful to deer! Hardy USDA zone 8!

Rubus calycinoides “Creeping Raspberry”
A standout groundcover for dry shade! Making a dense evergreen weed suppressing mat only 3” tall x 4’ wide, it's choice for a hillside or container. Tough, dependable, deer resistant, drought tolerant and not invasive! Hardy USDA zone 6.

Rumohra adiantiformis “Leatherleaf Fern” Iris confusa ‘Chengdu’ “Bamboo Iris”

Rumohra adiantiformis “Leatherleaf Fern”
Holding its deep green color and frond integrity year-round, this easy, permanent, low-maintenance groundcover is perfect for shade and part shade gardens. Lovely, dense and lacy leaves hold well in bouquets! Deer resistant! Hardy USDA zone 8.

Iris confusa ‘Chengdu’ “Bamboo Iris”
Shady sideyards rejoice! This easy-going, shade-loving and virtually indestructible "Bamboo Iris" features bold, evergreen foliage and zillions of pale blue orchid-like blooms! Deer resistant, not fussy about soil! Hardy USDA zone 9.

And a huge THANK YOU
to everyone who joined in our

Fall Planting
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It was delightful to see so many new faces and old friends! Did you miss it?


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