Fab FRAGRANT Freesias!
Our most popular bare-root bulbs are ready!

Don't be surprised if neighbors follow their noses to your garden, wondering where that delicious fragrance is coming from!

We're excited to share our collection of first-class Freesias with you – as bare-root bulbs!

Easy-as-pie to grow, DEER RESISTANT and low-maintenance, masses of bodacious blooms appear on branching stems held well above the fresh green sword shaped leaves. Now is a great time to plant Freesias (USDA zones 8, 9 and 10) for Spring bloom, just give them very good drainage and they'll reward you by spreading naturally for a bigger and better show each year (or plant them in a container where you can control the drainage).

Quantities are limited and we expect these lovelies to sell quickly.
Be an early bird for best selection!
Freesia alba Freesia alba

Freesia alba - 5 bulbs/bag
Our most popular and wildly profuse Freesia, this original South African species (1878) is a parent to many of the modern hybrids. So SIMPLE to grow, it's an outrageous bloomer with masses of 1" yellow-lipped white flowers in Spring. Hardy USDA zone 8! Bigger, better and bloomier every year!

Freesia 'Single Pink' Freesia 'Single Yellow

Freesia 'Single Pink' - 10 bulbs/bag
A riot of tropical color and intoxicating fragrance! HUGE hot-pink flowers with yellow throats in a seemingly endless succession of blooms.

Freesia 'Single Yellow' - 10 bulbs/bag
Brightest egg-yolk-yellow flowers erupt in Spring – instantly illuminating any garden and producing plenty of blooms for bouquets!

Freesia 'Single Bicolor' Freesia 'Double White'

Freesia 'Single Bicolor' - 10 bulbs/bag
Break out of those Winter blues with the fiery hues of this red-orange blushed, bright yellow beauty with lavender-magenta stamens!

Freesia 'Double White' - 10 bulbs/bag
NEW this year!
Pristine double white blooms with a kiss of lemon yellow at the throat are glorious in a container or at the edge of a bed.
Freesia 'Single Blue' Freesia 'Single Blue'

Freesia 'Single Blue' - 10 bulbs/bag
Stunning 2" blooms in a mix of colors and forms – from ruffly semi-double blue-toned magenta (top left) to single luscious lavender (top right) are ridiculously romantic and redolent of honey-scented violets!

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