Retirement Party 2018!
Last Chance for Great Plants!

Gold watches all around to some of our stalwart faves!

Here at Annie's, we grow over 2000 varieties of plants – every year! That means over a million plants start their little baby lives in our greenhouses to go forth and brighten gardens all over the U.S. from our 2.5-acre nursery in Richmond, CA! In other words we grow too many plants for the amount of space we have!

So, we're giving some of our long-time favorite plants the well-deserved proverbial gold watch to make way for new and exciting offerings in 2019 (coming soon)!

Wish them well and snap them up, 'cause NOW IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to grab these tried-and-true garden charmers. It makes us happy to know they'll live on and prosper in your gardens!

Begonia foliosa var. miniata
“Fuchsia Flowered Begonia”
Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’
Deutzia gracilis “Nikko”

Begonia foliosa var. miniata
“Fuchsia Flowered Begonia”

A Begonia dressed in Fuchsia’s clothing! Neat shrub-like form, ferny foliage and a proliferation of sweet fuchsia-esque flowers almost year-round in temperate climates. Great in containers!

Ceanothus ‘Joyce Coulter’
Perfect for dry slopes and anywhere you need a tough, evergreen groundcover. Durable and valiant, this low, wide CA native shrub is heat and drought tolerant, surviving upwards of 20 years so long as you don’t water!

Deutzia gracilis “Nikko”
A burst of airy, romantic blooms on long, slender, arching branches late Spring thru Summer are your reward on this compact form of D. gracilis, growing only 2-4' tall and wide. Hardy USDA zone 5, deer, drought and clay tolerant!

'Kelaidis' Gaillardia x grandiflora
'Mesa Yellow' Iochroma coccinea

Delosperma 'Kelaidis'
Need a super easy, fast growing, long-blooming groundcover? Add shimmering peachy pink blooms and you've got a beautiful deer resistant, drought and heat tolerant weed-suppressing mat to 4-6” tall x 24” wide or more. Hardy to USDA zone 5!

Gaillardia x grandiflora
'Mesa Yellow'

Easy-peasy non-stop bloom! Brilliant yellow 3” flowers cover this low-maintenance bee and butterfly feast Summer thru Fall – almost year-round in temperate areas! Deer resistant and drought tolerant. Hardy USDA zone 5!

Iochroma coccinea
Fat bunches of slender 4" vermilion trumpets appear in all but the coldest months on this fast growing evergreen Peruvian shrub. Multi-branched to 8’x 8’, grow it for a quick screen and enjoy the hummingbirds! Hardy USDA zone 9b.

Cordyline 'Renegade' Cuphea aff. aequipetala Verbascum olympicum 

Cordyline 'Renegade'
Glossy chocolate-colored leaves and a compact habit make this drought tolerant contrastic Cordyline perfect for adding color and texture to any garden. To 2-3’ tall and wide, forms a central trunk over time. Hardy USDA zone 8. Deer resistant!

Cuphea aff. aequipetala
Hard-working and humble, this rare Cuphea is an excellent groundcovery choice for dry, shady corners of the garden. Profuse purple flowers with little bat faces appear en masse, almost smothering the foliage and are appealing to bumblebees!

Verbascum olympicum 'Album'
The biggest, most floriferous “mullein”! Ginormous 5’ x 3’ honeybee-attracting candelabras tower above 3’ rosettes of wooly gray leaves. Content in any well-draining soil, drought and heat tolerant, deer/slug/rabbit resistant. Hardy USDA zone 7.

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