Light up the Shade!
Bring brilliancy to even the darkest garden!

There's no better place to escape the Summer heat than a lush, shady garden! However, it's easy to get carried away planting ubiquitous big-leafed beauties like hostas and ferns. Hey, we get it! They create such a rich, sultry, tropical feel and they're totes easy to find in any garden center. But if all you're planting are big green plants you're in for a monotonous view! So here are a few plants to bring some much-needed color and life to your shady snatch!

Abutilon Davids Red Flowering Maple


Massive, 18" leaves with brilliant pink veining make this ultra-hardy tuberous Begonia a textural dream! Gorgeous pink blooms late Summer thru Fall. Hardy to zone 6!

Iresine herbstii

Like a Coleus on steroids, this vivid-hued tropicalesque foliage plant adds instant garden drama! Super fast-growing, it can reach 5’ high and 3’ wide in its first year!

'David's Red'

Radiant red 3” blooms with widely flaring skirts face outwards from branches! Blooms year-round attracting loads of hummingbirds! Multi-branching to 8’x6’

'Strybing Sunset'

Nothing bring the hummingbirds swarming like Cupheas! Zillions of brilliant tangerine-sunset blooms cover this small shrub almost year-round! B
rings movement and bright color to a shady (or sunny) garden.

'Old Berkeley'

No shade garden is complete without fuchsias! Almost ever-blooming with 2" ballerina blossoms on a bushy 5'x4' plant. Brimming with old-fashioned charm. Gall mite resistant!

Coleus x blumei

Bring bold contrast to the garden with one of the most beloved Coleus of the Victorian age! Boasting massive leaves that reach 6” long and 3-4” wide, it's the largest leaved Coleus on the block!

Impatiens sodenii
‘La Vida Rosa’

Not one of those puny little Impatiens you can pick up outside the grocery store. No! This shrub Impatiens reaches 5'x6'! Perfect for filling in a large shady nook. Blooms Spring thru Fall!

Ageratum corymbosum
One of the best plants for attracting butterflies! 6" lavender-blue flower heads last for months in Spring, contrasting against exotic velvety leaves start out green and turn a sexy dark purple! Evergreen!

Begonia boliviensis
'Santa Cruz Sunset'

Outrageously floriferous! Blooming non-stop, it’s perfect for hanging baskets, shady pots or anywhere you want an explosion of flame-red blooms. Hardy to USDA zone 7b!

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