Does your garden fall down in the Fall?
Lift it up with a mid-Summer planting –
Annie tells you how on Saturday, August 4 at 11 am!

Here it comes folks, our prettiest, sunniest time of the year!

The kind of weather that makes you want to hang out and enjoy your lovely backyard … oops … did I say something wrong? Your backyard is not so lovely right now? Hey - don’t dismay! It’s totally EASY to get ready for a glorious Summer/Fall bloomiferous happening – just when our weather is its most congenial – from now till mid-October!

Join Annie on Saturday, August 4 at 11 am and find out how to go from zero to nifty with simple, fast preparation for Fall. Find out her favorite and best plants to put in right now PLUS, as always, she'll sneak in some very awesome, rarely available plants in the nursery now that you should totally know about. Don't miss it!

Big Bang Fast and Fab Fall Bloomers!

Dahlia coccinea palmeri
Salvia 'Mystic Spires'
Dahlia coccinea palmeri
Luscious mahogany-chocolate foliage on a 4' x 4' plant sets the stage for a profusion of brilliant 4" carmine red flowers Summer thru Fall. Reliable and irresistible – bumblebees love it.
Easy, strong and never needs staking. Hardy USDA zone 7!

Salvia 'Mystic Spires'
Long-blooming and a majorly big-bang-for-the-buck, this bushy, easy-to-place 4' x 30" Sage provides an almost never-ending display Spring thru Fall! A fab nectar source for bees in the Fall and even into Winter! Hardy USDA zone 7!

Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green'
Antirrhinum majus 'Double Azalea Bronze'

Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green'
Probably our #1 go-to garden pick-me up, you'll never visit the nursery and not see this lime-tastic Nicotiana blooming its head off in beds and containers. EASY, versatile and long-blooming, we plant it year-round and it goes with everything!

Antirrhinum majus 'Double Azalea Bronze'
Big ruffly blooms in coppery-peach go on and on and on (year-round really, with deadheading) atop 3' tall, multi-branching plants. Delicious fruity scent, makes excellent cut flowers. Deer resistant! Butterflies, bees and hummers!

Zinnia elegans ‘Giant Violet Queen’
Cenolophium denudatum “Baltic Parsley”

Zinnia elegans ‘Giant Violet Queen’
You'll bow down in awe when these majestic 6" violet blooms unfurl their petals. Planted now, our Zinnias bloom fast and furious to October to the delight of the neighborhood butterflies! Pairs magically with Cenolophium denudatum (right).

Cenolophium denudatum “Baltic Parsley”
Plant it, you'll love it! Rare, EASY and long-lived, "Baltic Parsley” offers a long succession of 5" elegant white umbels on graceful upright red stems. Mingles beautifully with neighbors. Comely cut flowers – fresh or dried! Hardy USDA zone 6!

Agastache aurantiaca ‘Coronado’ Celosia 'Cramer's Amazon'

Agastache aurantiaca ‘Coronado’
A robust wildflower from Northern Mexico with tubular apricot-red blooms bursting with nectar, attracting hummingbirds from far and wide! Unparalleled Summer color for hot and dry gardens! Hardy to USDA zone 4!

Celosia 'Cramer's Amazon'
We were stunned by the size and insanely long bloom season of this enormous "Flamingo Feather"! Easily reaching 6' x 4', you get hundreds of color shifting, violet-magenta 3" blooms on red stems mid-Summer to end of Fall. Butterflies!

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