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Tomato-mania with Brad Gates!
Our favorite farmer from Wild Boar Farms talks tomato
on Sun. May 13, DAY 2 of our Mother's Day Party!

Is there anything so delicious as a tomato,
fresh-picked from the vine?

No watery hothouse-grown grocery-store tomato could ever hope to compare to the sweet, bold, earthy, rich taste of a homegrown beauty. And here to tell you all about how to grow the BEST, most PERFECT tomatoes is our favorite tomato whisperer - Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms - on Sunday, May 13, Day 2 of our Mother's Day Celebration!

Brad has spent the last decade perfecting the art of breeding and growing outrageous tomatoes at his organic farm in Suisun Valley. Using heirloom genetics as a foundation, he's tested, trialed and introduced myriad new varieties with extreme flavor featuring bright stripes and beautiful bi-colors. Join us for a big selection of all of our favorite tomatoes, plus a few of Brad's latest offerings!

WATCH Brad Talk Tomato!

Brad Talk

Tomato ‘Thessaloniki’ Tomato 
‘AAA Sweet Solano’ Tomato 
‘Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye’'Silvana' "St. John's Wort"

Tomato ‘Thessaloniki’
Think BLT's! This juicy fella is how we remember REAL tomatoes tasting - juicy, acidy and with BIG flavor. Productive and vigorous, performs equally well in hot or cool/foggy Summers. Indeterminate, 75-80 Days.

‘AAA Sweet Solano’

This Wild Boar Farms sweetie starts out yellow with green stripes, maturing to deep orange with yellow stripes. Big producer of 2-4 oz. fruit with a tropical flavor. Indeterminate 80 days.

‘Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye’

This BEST selling Brad Gates beauty yields BIG fleshy fruits with a rich, sweet flavor and metallic green marbling. Totally trippy and delicious, man! Indeterminate, 65-75 days.

Tomato ‘Sun Gold’ Tomato 'Atomic Grape' Tomato 'Stupice'

Tomato ‘Sun Gold’
The gold standard for cherry tomatoes!
Pumps out an amazing number of sweet and tangy little orange fruits over a long season, no matter how cool or foggy your weather! Perfect for salads or snacking! Indeterminate 65 days.

Tomato 'Atomic Grape'
Best of Show winner at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo! This Wild Boar Farms introduction is a technicolor head turner that can be bold and tangy or delicately sweet depending on ripeness. Indeterminate 75 days.

Tomato 'Stupice'
This tomato from the Czech Republic is a favorite early tomato for the Bay Area, maturing in just 60-65 days. Our go-to mid-size tomato with a bounty of 2” fruits. Indeterminate, so you'll get tomatoes over a long period!

Mother's Day Party This Weekend!

Mother's Day Party 2018!

And, as a way to say "Thanks Mom", we'll give away

for Moms & Grandmoms*

*Valid IN THE NURSERY ONLY on May 12 & 13, 2018 on YELLOW TAG PLANTS with purchase.

We'll serve up cakes, munchies, and music. Budderball the Clown and Very Fairy Manda will be here for the little (and big) people! New and wonderful this year: Giant Puppets Save The World! And don't miss a chance to be Queen for a Day where TWO lucky winners will be treated each day to a FREE SHOPPING BONANZA!


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