Day 1 of our Spring Party!
Saturday, April 7 at 11 am - Annie Shows the Way!

Spring Garden!

Want a bodacious bloom-at-the-same-time Spring garden
don’t know where to start? We got you, fam.

The road to gardening enlightenment can often be studded with potholes. Pave the way for smooth sailing and learn to garden like a pro from our own gardener-in-chief – Annie herself! – on Saturday April 7 at 11 am - DAY 1 of our SPRING PARTY!

She'll cover the basics, starting with the all-important condition of your soil, planting the right plants at the right time and all of her favorite tried-and-true plant combinations. Critter control, deadheading and some simple tips for keeping your garden voluptuous are also up for discussion. Whether you're new to the gardening game or a seasoned vet, you’ll walk away with useful tools for making a crazy-beautiful bloom at the same time garden you'll fall in love with! Bring your questions and your enthusiasm – Spring is almost here!

Master the basics of a beautiful garden -


Get The Look: What Annie's Planting Now!
Calceolaria integrifolia 
‘Kentish Hero’ Eryngium creticum Geranium maderense
"Ginormous Geranium"

Calceolaria integrifolia
‘Kentish Hero’

Blooming like gangbusters Summer to Fall, crowds of orange red and yellow “pocketbook” flowers make a solid dome to 4'x2' Containers! Hardy USDA 8b.

Eryngium creticum NEW!
With a dense, rounded habit and profuse steely blue bloom, this RARE Sea Holly is a fantastic gardenworthy gem unparalleled for its pollinator action! Famously tough! Hardy USDA zone 4!

Geranium maderense
"Ginormous Geranium"

A majestic SUPER SIMPLE showstopper, there's nothing like the massive 4’ across, spherical crown of pink flowers Spring to Summer. Sun/shade, moist/dry!

Clematis 'Polish Spirit' Senecio candicans
'Angel Wings Salvia splendens van houttei

Clematis 'Polish Spirit'
One of the EASIEST Clematis you can grow, especially in mild Winter climates like ours where larger flowered hybrids fail to thrive. Vigorous and profuse, it'll grow to 10' in a single season! Hardy USDA zone 4!

Senecio candicans
'Angel Wings'
So beautiful, easy to grow, ever-grey and just plain SENSUAL, this flamboyantly foliaged new beauty brings on the plant-lust. Grow outdoors, indoors or in a container! Hardy USDA zone 8!

Salvia splendens van houttei
Tangerine buds poking out from peach calyces open into long 3-4" tubular peach blooms that make the hummingbirds say hubba-hubba! Fast and long blooming, great in large pots. Deer resistant.

Anisodontea sp. 
'Strybing Beauty' Viola 'Etain' Fuchsia 'Galfrey Lye'

Anisodontea sp.
'Strybing Beauty'

Do you like feeding bees? How about butterflies? NON-STOP BLOOM, 12-months a year make this one of the best pollinator shrubs we've ever seen. EASY!

Viola ‘Etain’
The most valuable of Violas! 
Reliably perennial and heavy blooming (everblooming here by the Bay!), scented flowers are beautiful candied or in salads. Hardy USDA zone 3!

Fuchsia 'Galfrey Lye'
Drop dead GORGEOUS! A gift to us from the American Fuchsia Society, white-tipped sepals flutter above carmine pink petals on a massive long blooming shrub 4' x 3'.
Hardy to USDA zone 8!

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