Natives to the Rescue!
Problem-solving natives for t
ricky garden situations
with Designer Pete Veilleux on Saturday, March 17!

Photo courtesy Pete Veilleux, East Bay Wilds

Every garden has its challenges - that's part of the fun!

Here to help us with tackling tricky landscaping situations and even more importantly – how to fix them! – is Oakland garden designer and CA natives expert Pete Veilleux of East Bay Wilds native plant nursery on Saturday, March 17 at 11 am!

Whether you're a new gardener planning your first native garden or a seasoned vet, Pete will help you size up your space – from observing special conditions and needs to choosing and placing ever-important focal points and purchasing the right number of plants and how to use them to best effect. He'll share the best CA natives for screening out unsightly views, softening corners, adding color to deep shade and how to garden under oaks and other trees. So much good info, and it's all free!

Our Favorite CA Native Problem Solvers!

Eriogonum grande var. rubescens
Salvia apiana “White Sage”

Eriogonum grande var. rubescens
Our best-selling Buckwheat!
Hard-to-find, evergreen and goof-proof, it thrives on neglect and prefers dry, clay soil! One of the best bee and butterfly magnets around, its cheerful blooms light up the Summer garden. Hardy to USDA zone 8b.

Salvia apiana “White Sage”
Heat and drought loving, this sacred and medicinal no-fuss focal point doesn’t want much Summer water. Just provide good drainage and enjoy its arresting silvery foliage and stems and heady aroma! Hardy to USDA zone 8.

Eschscholzia californica ssp. maritima
'Coastal Form' Ceanothus x impressus 'Dark Star'

Eschscholzia californica ssp. maritima
'Coastal Form'

A superior form of "Cal Poppy" with a tight, low mound of curly blue-green foliage that sets off neighboring plants – and that's before the profusion of sunny blooms! EASY, drought, deer resistant!

Ceanothus x impressus 'Dark Star'
Unfazed by deer, drought or clay – this fragrant and EASY, evergreen CA native shrub becomes tree-like with age. Regal blue flower clusters obscure foliage late Winter and early Spring. Excellent habitat plant, hardy to USDA zone 8!

Aster chilensis ‘Purple Haze’ Ribes sanguineum glutinosum 
"Pink Flowering Currant"

Aster chilensis ‘Purple Haze’
This ultra-floriferous native Aster with deeper, prettier purple 1” blooms and a taller (2-3’) form is as TOUGH as it is showy! Tolerates almost any soil, including clayish, and spreads by rhizomes for excellent erosion control!
Butterflies and bees! Drought, deer tolerant; hardy to USDA zone 6!

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum 
"Pink Flowering Currant"

One of the first shrubs to bloom in late Winter/early Spring and an absolute staple in the native garden!
An early food source for hummingbirds and bees. Tolerates dry and shady conditions, great under oaks! Hardy USDA 8!

Satureja douglasii 
“Yerba Buena” Monardella villosa  “Coyote Mint ”

Satureja douglasii “Yerba Buena”
CLAY, SAND and SHADE TOLERANT, this S.F. native grows well under oaks and makes a lush, flat, evergreen groundcover for shade - talk about a problem solver! To 6’ across and up to 2" tall. Fantastic as a trailer or in a hanging basket! Deer resistant, hardy to USDA zone 7!

Monardella villosa  “Coyote Mint ”
A handsome trailing groundcover, this 2' x 2' coast range CA native tolerates dry situations, as well as SAND, CLAY or serpentine soil! Fuzzy grey-green minty-scented foliage keeps the deer away! A nectar source for many butterflies! Drought tolerant, hardy to USDA zone 8!

Achillea millefolium 'Cameo' Keckiella cordifolia “Heartleaf Penstemon”

Achillea millefolium 'Cameo'
Lovely and oh so easy to grow! This compact dusky rose “yarrow” provides a touch of delicacy despite being tough as nails! Tolerates heat, drought and poor soils, including clay! Plus, deer and rabbit resistant! Hardy USDA zone 3!

Keckiella cordifolia “Heartleaf Penstemon”
Hummingbirds go bonkers over the scarlet blooms on long, arching stems of this CA native shrub. Lovely against a fence, intertwining with neighbors or grow it the way Mother Nature does – spilling down a hillside. Hardy USDA zone 6!

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