Native Bees Need You!
FREE TALK with Dr. Gordon Frankie of U.C. Berkeley's Urban Bee Lab, Saturday March 3 at 11 am!

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Did you know we have more than 1600 species of bees native to California?

We don’t often notice our native bees (some are so tiny!) unless we're looking for them. Unlike their better known and more social cousins - honeybees - more than 95% of native bees live a solitary lifestyle, foraging and nesting on their own. Come expand your bee vocabulary with native bee expert and crusader Dr. Gordon Frankie and his team of researchers from U.C Berkeley’s Urban Bee Lab on Saturday, March 3 at 11 am!

Dr. Frankie has been documenting bee diversity and frequency on wild California native plants since 1987 and his research has been eye opening! Learn to recognize some of our native species and find out their favorite pollen and nectar rich plants!

One of the secrets to successfully gardening for bees is to provide a diverse variety of floral food year-round. The more diverse your plant offerings (exotics AND natives, 10+ varieties!) - the longer bees linger and are more likely to return. And now is the perfect time to plant so many of their favorite forage and nectar plants!

So come learn more tips and fun facts - and bring the kids! Dr. Frankie and his team will sign copies of their fantastic book California Bees and Blooms and answer all of your questions!

BONUS: We'll give away books and other goodies in our FREE RAFFLE – no purchase necessary, just be here by 11 am to nab a raffle ticket!

The Most Bee-licious Plants in the Nursery!
Eriogonum grande var. rubescens “Red Buckwheat”
Phacelia viscida
Aster chilensis ‘Purple Haze’

Eriogonum grande var. rubescens “Red Buckwheat”
We sing the praises of this beautiful Buckwheat early and often! Unparalled for attracting all manner of pollinators, it's drought and deer resistant and dang gorgeous to boot! Evergreen, hardy to USDA zone 8!

Phacelia viscida
Prolific, long-blooming and truest blue, we love this CA native wildflower for the pop of contrast it adds to our Spring gardens! An absolute favorite pollen and nectar source for solitary bumblebees. Pair with fire-engine red Papaver commutatum for extra wow!

Aster chilensis 'Purple Haze'
An ultra-floriferous CA native Aster selected by Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens! Tolerates any soil, including clay, making it perfect for a hillside planting or dry/native garden. A reliable nectar/pollen source for bees and butterflies! Hardy USDA zones 6.

Achillea millefolium 
'Salmon Beauty' Scabiosa atropurpurea
'Florist's Pink' Linaria purpurea 

Achillea millefolium
'Salmon Beauty'

Gorgeous 4” umbels in salmony pink fading to buttery yellow are a delight to the eye and a pollen source for honeybees! Clay, heat, drought tolerant, deer resistant and hardy to USDA zone 3, meaning almost everyone can grow it!

Scabiosa atropurpurea
'Florist's Pink'

THE BEE'S KNEES for attracting pollinators – this hot new "Pincushion" supplies zillions of pretty pink blooms loaded with pollen and nectar for native and honeybees Spring thru Fall with deadheading. Fantastic cut flower!

Linaria purpurea "Toadflax"
You can't get any easier to grow than Linaria purpurea! Blooming almost year-round, meaning bees can browse for nectar over a nice long period! Self-sows, too, so you'll have plenty to share with friends. Drought tolerant and deer resistant, hardy to USDA zone 5!

Calendula officinalis 'Radio' Echium webbii Salvia 'Royal Bumble'

Calendula officinalis 'Radio'
A super cheerful snack for the bees - and you, too, since the blooms on this true heirloom are edible and delicious in salads or as garnish! Easy to grow, providing a quick supply of pollen and nectar for busy bees of all kinds!

Echium webbii
Love the intense blue spikes of majestic Echium “Pride of Madeira” but don't have space for it? This endangered species tops out at only 3’x 3’ so anyone can grow it! The bees will thank you! Thrives in poor, well-drained soil.

Salvia 'Royal Bumble'
Long and lavishly blooming, this eye-popping, bushy Salvia makes masses of intensely red flowers May thru November! Many types of native bees adore it, honeybees, too! Drought tolerant, deer resistant. Hardy USDA zone 7!

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