Bodacious Bare-root Bulbs!!
Smarty gardeners plant bulbs in the Fall!

Bagged Bulbs

The response last year to our first ever, let's-try-it-they-might-like-it bare-root bulb blast took us all by surprise! Turns out, you did like it – and with good reason! Planting bare-root bulbs in the Fall is a super-duper value, seasonally appropriate and EASY as pie!

Normally, we would pot these babies up (one bulb per pot), let them hang out in the nursery to grow big, fat roots and then offer them to you as 4" plants come Spring. Now, you can skip the wait and plant right away, letting them root directly into your garden and containers – no muss, no fuss! Plus, you'll cover more ground with 3 to 10 bare-root bulbs per bag (depending on variety) AND most of them will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each successive year!

We don’t plan on growing all of these terrific bulbs as plants next year – so consider them an exclusive opportunity for you earlybird bulb lovers! Grab 'em while you can, quantities are limited! Attractively packaged for gifting, they make excellent stocking stuffers for you early-bird holiday shoppers!

Beautiful Bare-Root Booty!

Lilium 'Forever Susan' Brodiaea 'Rudy'

Lilium 'Forever Susan' - 3 bulbs/bag
Colorful, prolific, easy to grow and a magnet for bees and butterflies, this dramatic “Asiatic Lily” displays an abundance of 5” burgundy and orange flowers. When planted in groups, it makes a spectacular early to mid-Summer show with blooms facing upward and outward on stems 2-3’ tall. Hardy USDA zone 3!

Brodiaea 'Rudy' - 10 bulbs/bag
One of the prettiest and easiest bulbs you can grow!
THRIVING IN HEAVY SOIL, sun or shade, needing no Summer water and happy as a clam under oaks, you can “plant and forget” this CA native bulb! Gorgeous milky-blue flowers feature vivid indigo mid-veins. Naturalizes readily. USDA zone 7.

Eremurus x isabellinus 'Cleopatra' Allium 'Purple Sensation'

Eremurus x isabellinus 'Cleopatra'
1 bulb/bag

Gorgeous 4-5' bloom spikes clustered with hundreds of brilliant yellow-orange buds open in succession from bottom to top for a prolonged display of apricot flowers. Makes a bold vertical statement! Group behind shorter bulbs or perennials for extra drama! Long lasting cut flowers. Hardy USDA zone 5.

Allium 'Purple Sensation
5 bulbs/bag
One of the showiest of all the ornamental onions! With globe-shaped heads 4-5” across featuring up to 100 tiny, star-shaped violet-purple flowers atop sturdy 2-3’ stems, this long-lasting, Spring-blooming bulb is gorgeous in groups. Deer resistant and adored by bees! Hardy to USDA zone 2!

Muscari aucheri 'Ocean Magic' Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride'

Muscari aucheri 'Ocean Magic'
10 bulbs/bag
Create an undulating ocean of bloom with this gorgeous Spring-blooming "Grape Hyacinth". Planted en masse, it readily naturalizes to create a luminous 4-6" carpet under taller bulbs like Alliums and Irises. Deliciously fragrant and delightful cut flowers! Hardy to USDA zone 4. Deer and rodent resistant.

Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride'
1 bulb/bag

Tall, dark and handsome, this 4’ tall European lily produces MASSES of speckled, maroon-red, 3", recurved "Turk's Cap Lilies" beloved by Swallowtail butterflies! Tall, sturdy stems don't need staking and add vertical excitement to the light shade garden. Fall planting recommended. Hardy USDA zone 3!

Leucocoryne 'Andes' Tulipa saxatilis

Leucocoryne 'Andes' - 10 bulbs/bag
Sumptuously fragrant, this drought- tolerant bi-color bulb from South America boasts 1-2" lilac blooms in Spring with a burgundy-magenta center and super-contrasty chartreuse throat.
Perfect in a container with good drainage. Hardy to USDA zone 8.

Tulipa saxatilis - 10 bulbs/bag
A gorgeous and RELIABLY PERENNIAL SPECIES TULIP even in warm Winter areas! This beautiful wildflower from Crete is long-lived and self-propagating, forming a small colony over time. 3-4" flowers on a 12" tall plant. Hardy USDA zone 5!

Iris 'Dardanus'

Brodiaea californica 'Babylon'

Iris 'Dardanus'
3 bulbs/bag
Known for its extravagant color and large 5" flowers, this regeliocyclus hybrid features vivid lilac standards with dark mauve veins and paler falls etched in mahogany-purple. Reaches 20" tall with blooms appearing May and June. Hardy USDA zone 5.

Brodiaea californica 'Babylon'
10 bulbs/bag

A stunning selection of one of our fave CA native bulbs, ‘Babylon’ boasts bigger, PINK flowers held in denser clusters! Thrives in heavy soil, sun or shade, needing no Summer water and happy under oaks! Just "plant and forget”. Naturalizes readily. USDA zone 7.

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