Aloe - It's Me!
Small Crops of Specialty Aloes are Ready!

Aloe plicatilis "Fan Aloe"

Exciting News Dry Garden Denizens!

Thanks to the guidance of Aloe whisperer and all-around-great-guy Brian Kemble of the Ruth Bancroft Garden, we have mastered the mysteries of Aloe germination and have seven supremely special and unusual Aloes to offer! Quantities are limited, grab one while you can!

Packing a focal pointy punch wherever you need a bit of drama, there's room for a well-placed Aloe or two in almost every garden. Long-lived and architectural – they couldn't be easier to grow AND drought, heat and deer don't bother them. Many are just as happy in an appropriately sized container as in the ground and the hummingbirds think they're as keen as we do!

Here's the deal: many Aloes dislike Winter wet and so you must give them excellent drainage for their health, happiness and overall success. It's not that hard – if your soil is clayish, many of our varieties will thrive in a container. Use a good cactus mix or add in lava rock or gravel to a good quality planting mix. Voila!

Aloe tomentosa “Hairy Green Aloe”
Aloe vryheidensis

Aloe tomentosa “Hairy Green Aloe”
Ok freaky flower fans, have we got something weird and wonderful for you! Woolly blue-green flowers on multi-branched stems hover above a smooth green rosette to 3'. Makes a stunning and super easy container specimen! From Yemen.

Aloe vryheidensis
Light up the dry garden, parking strips and hot/dry corners where the hose won't reach with the low-maintenance, high impact, flaming orange flowers of this South African Aloe. To 3' x 5', it eventually becomes multi-headed with a short trunk.

Aloe plicatilis "Fan Aloe"
Aloe castanea “Cat’s Tail Aloe”

Aloe plicatilis "Fan Aloe"
A FAN-tastic, eye-catching, small-scale “Tree Aloe” for the dry garden AND one of the most sought after! Perfectly suited to Bay area dry Summers/wet Winters, where it thrives in full sun with little to no additional water once established.

Aloe castanea “Cat’s Tail Aloe”
A branching, Winter blooming South African "Tree Aloe" with unusual, undulating, orange brown "cat-tail" blooms! Drought tolerant but blooms better with some Summer water. Adaptable to average garden soil with good drainage.

Aloe cooperi “Grass Aloe”
Aloe variegata “Tiger Aloe”
Aloe camperi

Aloe cooperi
“Grass Aloe”

Delicate grassy foliage and a slender habit to 3' tall makes this willowy, graceful, Winter blooming Aloe an unusual and fab choice for massing in a smaller garden or showcasing in a container. Hardy USDA zone 8!

Aloe variegata
“Tiger Aloe”

Boat-shaped, dark green leaves with white mottling and a compact 12" tall x 9" wide stature make "Tiger Aloe" a handsome choice for a cute container. Dusty pink to orange-red blooms. Tolerates extreme heat, drought.

Aloe camperi
Ramble on!
This unusual African Aloe forms rambling colonies of 2’ rosettes producing multiple 3’ branching spikes topped with clusters of coral buds in late Spring. To see an established colony in full bloom is a thing of beauty! Hardy USDA zone 8b.

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