Grow Beaucoup Bouquets!
Learn the surprisingly easy art of growing gorgeous
cut flowers with Julie Chai on Saturday, May 27 at 11 am!

Bouquets, posies, nosegays - we love them all!

Is there anything so pleasing and therapeutic as gathering up the garden's bounty and bringing it indoors? It's like taking an instant mood-elevator to the top floor! Join us as Julie Chai, editor of the wondrous new book Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden, tells us how to grow, harvest and arrange stunning seasonal blooms cut from your own garden on Saturday, May 27 at 11 am!

Floret Farms is a shining light in the seasonal cut flower movement and the heart-stoppingly gorgeous blooms grown by owner Erin Benzakian have captured the imaginations and hearts of flower-lovers everywhere via her incredible Instagram feed and website. Her new book, edited by Julie Chai, a longtime Sunset Magazine staffer and editor, is a treasure trove of magnificent flowers and breathtaking arrangements organized by season.

Join us as Julie shares some of the tips and techniques from the book for maximizing production for the biggest and best bouquets, as well as integrating cut flowers into your garden if you don't have room for a separate cutting garden. She'll discuss bang-for-the-buck, cut-and-come-again annuals, which are so free-flowering, clipping makes them bloom more, as well as backbone and foliage plants that are essential for a balanced garden and bouquet.

Whether you go for exuberant and wild table arrangements, diminuitive poses in the bathroom or minimalist compositions for the mantel - happiness is guaranteed! Bonus: Julie will be available to sign books after the talk!

Floret Farm's Cut Flower GardenPhotos courtesy Floret Farms

Our FAVORITE Tried-and-True Cut Flowers!

Agrostemma githago 
‘Milas’ Delphinium elatum 
'Cobalt Dreams' Orlaya grandiflora “Minoan Lace”

Agrostemma githago 

One of our very favorite cottage garden charmers and a wonderful addition to the cutting garden with those big, satiny, bright rose blooms on long stems! Self-sows nicely for free future bouquets!

Delphinium elatum
'Cobalt Dreams'

Massive, cobalt blue spikes studded with 2" flowers make this XL Delph one of the most sumptuous cut flowers you can grow! BIG bucks at the florist! Long-lived and robust, to 6' tall.

Orlaya grandiflora
“Minoan Lace”

Every bouquet needs an airy element and Orlaya delivers a multitude of lace-cap flowers atop pretty, ferny foliage. Goes-with-everything and indispensible in our gardens! Self-sows politely!

Senecio stellata ‘Giovanna’s Select’ "Tall Cineraria" Dahlia ‘Dark Side of the Sun’ Digitalis hybrid 
'Polkadot Pippa'var. rubescens

Senecio stellata
‘Giovanna’s Select’

Gloriously tall, 3’, old-fashioned Cinerarias are so useful for difficult-to-grow-anything-in shady spots in the garden and gorgeous for the vase! Best in rich soil and reseeds easily.

Dahlia ‘Dark Side of the Sun’
Not a dwarf “gas station” Dahlia so common these days, but a gardenworthy specimen to 4' x 4'. Blooms Summer thru Fall with boatloads of luminous apricot-brushed golden blooms atop luscious chocolate-black foliage.

Digitalis hybrid
'Polkadot Pippa'

You cannot beat "Foxgloves" for cut flower drama! And this newer variety has turned out to be one of our absolute favorites! A hybrid perennial that blooms Spring thru December here by the Bay!

Rosa ‘Felicia’
Hybrid Musk Rose Veronica longifolia 'Bushy Boy' Zinnia elegans
'Benary's Giant Lime'

Rosa ‘Felicia’
Hybrid Musk Rose

Almost ever-blooming, strongly fragrant and disease free (even here in the foggy Bay Area), 'Felicia's' romantic, fully double, soft pink blooms are PERFECT for cutting. A fast, repeat bloomer - meaning more blooms for you!

Veronica longifolia
'Bushy Boy'

One of the most reliable and long-lived perennials you can grow! The fact they give us gorgeous cut flowers just adds to their star-status! Makes a fantastic vertical element in the garden and the vase!

Zinnia elegans
'Benary's Giant Lime'

We love these large flowered, 3' tall Zinnias with eye-popping lime green blooms 4-5” across! Prolific, drought tolerant and mildew resistant, all our giant Zinnias make excellent, long-lasting cut flowers!

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