Bees Need Your Help!
Grow gardens that nurture and sustain with a little help from
bee champion Kate Frey on DAY 2 of our Mother's Day Party!

We welcome back the fabulous and talented Kate Frey, author and top notch garden designer (two-time Chelsey Garden Show gold medal winner!), for a stellar talk about her most passionate subjects: Gardening for bees, beauty and diversity!
Sunday, May 14 at 11:00 am – Day 2 of our Mother's Day Party!

As bees the world over struggle for survival, it's more important than ever to plant bee-friendly gardens that sustain and inspire. It's totally doable and easy, since so many of the flowers that offer pollen and nectar for bees make us gardeners happy, too! And for fruit and vegetable gardeners, inviting nature's most productive pollinator into the yard can provide an impressive increase in yields and better-tasting produce.

Join us as Kate shares ideas from her fantastic book: "The Bee-Friendly Garden". Along with essential concepts about water features, nest boxes and seasonal planting progression, you'll find out exactly WHAT plants appeal to WHICH bees and WHY. With years of experience designing sustainable, insect-hospitable landscapes and small farms both in the US and abroad, her knowledge of tested-true pollinator plants is unparalleled – and worth the price of the book alone!

"The Bee-Friendly Garden"
Kate's latest endeavor is The American Garden School, a "go-to garden school" for comprehensive, quality and fun garden education for garden enthusiasts, school gardens, landscape professionals and very small farmers. It's amazing and you can sign up for classes here!

And now ... Kate's FAVORITE
Tried-and-True Bee Friendly Bloomers!

Asclepias speciosa "Showy Milkweed"
Echinops ritro ruthenicus

Asclepias speciosa "Showy Milkweed"
Showy and glowy, this magnificent Milkweed is native to much of the Western U.S. and a beacon for bees, butterflies and beneficial insects of all stripes! Stunning in bloom with starry, fragrant clusters to 4" across. No Summer water once established, tolerant of most soils, including clay. Forms a spreading clump when happy.

Echinops ritro ruthenicus
Bees LOVE this Echinops!
Unfazed by heat, happy as a clam in ordinary soil, this outrageously cool pollinator party plant is a simple and magnetic choice for the dry garden. 
EASY to grow with impressive, 3” blue “golf balls” atop strong multi-branching white stems. Drought and deer resistant, hardy to USDA zone 3!

Aquilegia eximia
“Serpentine Columbine” Gaillardia x grandiflora 
'Mesa Yellow' Echium wildpretii "Tower of Jewels"

Aquilegia eximia
“Serpentine Columbine”

Jaw-droppingly beautiful 2" "jester's hat" blooms on a stately 5' tall plant, make this rare CA native a MUST HAVE! Mildew resistant and clay soil tolerant. Blooms Spring and Summer, hummingbirds and bees can't resist!

Gaillardia x grandiflora
'Mesa Yellow'

Easy-peasy non-stop bloom and a bee magnet to boot! Our new favorite "Blanketflower" boasts brilliant yellow 3” flowers on a
dense and compact form, easy to squeeze into any garden. Deer resistant, hardy USDA zone 5.

Echium wildpretii
"Tower of Jewels"

Just about the easiest way to add DRAMA in hot and dry climates, Echiums are also bee and hummingbird magnets of the highest order! We especially adore this sensational specimen with Seussian spires! Poor soil ok!

Eriogonum grande 
var. rubescens Linaria purpurea 
"Toadflax" Asclepias syriaca “Virginia Silk”

Eriogonum grande
var. rubescens
Hard-to-find, evergreen and goof-proof, this Channel Islands "Buckwheat" thrives on neglect and prefers dry, clay soil! One of the best bee and butterfly magnets around, blooming June-Oct. for lots of Summer color!

Linaria purpurea

You cannot get any easier than indestructible and rewarding "Toadflax". Reliably perennial, almost always in bloom, it's open for a drive-thru bee snack season after season. Beautiful whorled blue-grey foliage, self-sows!

Asclepias syriaca
“Virginia Silk”

A bee garden "MUST" according to Kate, this intensely fragrant, tough, showy and long-lived "Milkweed is the EASIEST of the genus! Produces copious amounts of nectar that drive bees and butterflies wild!

Angelica stricta ‘Purpurea’ Scabiosa caucasica 
'Perfecta Alba' Salvia 'Mystic Spires'

Angelica stricta ‘Purpurea’
Not only a bee favorite, umbels like Angelicas support "good" bugs like hoverflies and green lacewings
that prey on pests. This exotic beauty stands out like royalty in any garden with purple-black foliage, ruby boat-shaped buds and huge, 5" violet blooms.

Scabiosa caucasica 
'Perfecta Alba'

THE BEE'S KNEES when it comes to attracting bees and all manner of pollinators, dozens of frilly white blooms sit atop long-branching stems Spring thru Fall with deadheading. Mildew free and deer resistant!

Salvia 'Mystic Spires'
YOU WILL NEVER NOT FIND BEES humming around this long-blooming big-bang-for-the-buck Sage! Makes a bushy, easy-to-place 4' x 30" form, providing a vibrant, vertical accent. Bees, butterflies and hummers! Hardy to USDA zone 7!

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