Mother's Day Extravaganza!
Save the Date: May 13 & 14!

Mother's Day Party 2017

Come enjoy our sweetest and most romantic event of the year! And as our way to say "Thanks Mom", we'll give away

for Moms & Grandmoms*

*Valid IN THE NURSERY only on May 13 & 14, 2017 on YELLOW TAG PLANTS with purchase.

We'll serve up cakes, munchies, and music. Budderball the Clown and Very Fairy Manda will be here for the little (and big) people! And don't miss a chance to be Queen for a Day where TWO lucky winners will be treated each day to a FREE SHOPPING BONANZA!


Dear Moms:
We Love You!

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CA Native Penstemons on Point!
Our favorite North American native toughies can
easily save you from the mid-Summer blahs!

We adore our hard-working native species Penstemons for their durability, adaptability and exceptional drought tolerance. Never overblown with outsized or awkward flowers like some of the hybrid varieties out there today, these fine, fresh fellows provide jewel-toned blooms and long-lasting beauty to the perennial, container, dry or rock garden. Able to handle heat, drought and deer, they're also surprisingly adaptable to many different garden situations so long as you give them good drainage, a sunny disposition and you don't overwater once established. Irresistible to hummingbirds, the tubular flowers were made for our feisty, feathered friends, often inciting them to a nectar-filled frenzy!

Thanks to the perfect storm of cool weather, seed availability and exceptionally good germination, we have for you a fantastic and somewhat unprecedented collection of these gorgeous species all ready at the same time. Since we can't guarantee that will happen again next year – grab one while you can!

Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Blue Springs’ 
“Foothill Penstemon” Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Blue Springs’ 
“Foothill Penstemon”

Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Blue Springs’ “Foothill Penstemon”
By far, our most popular CA native Penstemon, this luminous beauty is an essential and superb choice for rock and dry gardens, but does equally well in average garden soil with minimal water, once established. We love to combine it with a the rainbow hues of California Poppies for luscious bloom-at-the-same-time vignettes all Spring and Summer long! Deer and drought tolerant, hardy to USDA zone 6!

Penstemon roezlii 
“Roezl’s Penstemon” Penstemon palmeri 
“Scented Penstemon” Penstemon newberryi 
“Mountain Pride”

Penstemon roezlii 
“Roezl’s Penstemon”
Low-maintenance and lovely, this OR, NV and Northern California native features beauteous blue-purple blooms on dark red, fuzzy stems. Normally found in scrub and sagebrush, it's tough and tolerant of neglect but surprisingly adaptable to the garden.

Penstemon palmeri 
“Scented Penstemon”

Native to SoCal and the arid Southwest, this statuesque beauty reaches 3-5' tall with deliciously grape scented 2" blooms! Loves it HOT and DRY but also does well in coastal gardens with average soil. Good drainage appreciated! Deer and rabbit resistant.

Penstemon newberryi 
“Mountain Pride”

CA hikers will remember this adorable, mat-forming scamp blooming on rock shelves in the Sierras. Growing just as well in lower elevations with good drainage, it'll delight you (and the hummers!) with cheery magenta blooms with fuzzy yellow beards.

Penstemon parryi 
“Parry's Penstemon” Penstemon eatonii 
“Firecracker Penstemon” Penstemon pseudospectabilis 
“Desert Beardtongue”

Penstemon parryi
“Parry's Penstemon”

Possibly the easiest and most adaptable species Penstemon for the garden, this showy siren likes it hot and dry but will tolerate average water and soil with good drainage. Displays distinctive bright pink, outward facing blooms on spikes 1-3' tall.

Penstemon eatonii
“Firecracker Penstemon”

Few plants make such a show as a "Firecracker Penstemon" in full, glorious bloom. Native to CA and the Southwest, it makes a tidy 3' shrub with long wands of brilliant red flowers, beloved by hummers. Good drainage and fairly dry conditions for best show!

Penstemon pseudospectabilis 
“Desert Beardtongue”

Strong and long-blooming, this stand-up 3' tall native to the high deserts of CA welcomes hot and dry conditions with aplomb! Easy and tolerant of garden conditions, just give it sun, good drainage and don't overwater and you'll be golden!

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