Seasonal Plants To Dye For!
Author & Alchemist Sasha Duerr returns Sat., April 29 at 11 am!

Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects

Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects
Photos by Aya Brackett from "Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects for Your Home and Wardrobe"

Back By Popular Demand!

Sasha Duerr, author, alchemist and founder of Permacouture Institute, returns to the nursery for a Spring/Summer installment of her super popular workshop on using local and seasonal plants (as well as garden weeds and waste!) to make gorgeous, non-toxic plant dyes on Sat. April 29 at 11 am!

Her scrumptious book "Natural Color" sold out last time, but we'll have plenty on hand for an author signing after the talk. Brimming with stylish and easy-to-follow projects that will appeal to both novice and experienced dye-enthusiasts alike, you'll be inspired to explore sustainable "slow-textile" solutions to synthetic chemical dyes and start your own backyard garden-to-garment revolution! How fabulous!

Check out Sasha's incredible projects on Instagram!

Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects for Your Home and Wardrobe
Centaurea cyanus 
‘Blue Diadem’ Marigold 
‘Day of the Dead Orange’ Passiflora 'Anastasia'

Centaurea cyanus 
‘Blue Diadem’

Old-fashioned TALL “Bachelor's Buttons” are hard to find these days, sadly replaced by dwarf varieties. This is the real deal, boasting richest blue, edible blooms over a long period! Petals make a lovely blue dye. Reseeds!

Marigold ‘Day of the Dead Orange’ “Cempazuchitl”
Old-fashioned ENORMOUS Marigolds on bushy 3' x 3' plants traditionally used for Day of the Dead altars also make a fantastic range of orange and yellow dyes. Long blooming and profuse Summer thru Fall.

Passiflora 'Anastasia'
NEW! Drop-dead gorgeous blooms with orchid pink petals and a high-contrast corona will make your gardener's heart pound! Grow as a fast-growing screen on a trellis or fence. Vines and leaves produce golden yellow to earth green dyes.

Hypericum cerastoides 
'Silvana' "St. John's Wort" Hollyhock 
'Halo Purple' Dahlia ‘Softie’

Hypericum cerastoides
'Silvana' "St. John's Wort"

A cheerful, dense groundcover with aromatic blue-green foliage PERFECT for trailing over the edge of a bed! Shiny yellow flowers late Spring to Summer. 4” tall x 16” wide, wonderful in a hanging basket! Flowers yield a reddish-brown to yellow dye.

Hollyhock 'Halo Purple'
PERENNIAL and RUST RESISTANT, these luscious cottage garden staples are perfect for adding easy vertical interest and hummingbird appeal! Plant now for Spring bloom! To 4’ across with multiple 5-8' towering spikes, flowers make a rich red dye. Hardy to USDA 3.

Dahlia ‘Softie’
A superstar in our Summer gardens, this scrumptious pink-and-yellow beauty is an incredible work horse to boot! Blooms May thru Fall (with deadheading), requiring NO STAKING. Mildew resistant, hardy to USDA zone 7. Flowers yield yellow dye.

Eschscholzia californica 
'Rose Chiffon' Anchusa azurea 
“Alkanet” Achillea ageratum ‘Moonwalker’

Eschscholzia californica
'Rose Chiffon'

Like swirling skirts sublimely shaded in rose and pink, blooms keep coming all Summer and more, especially if you deadhead. Cut back after bloom for another round. Lives several years if kept dry in Summer, self-sows! Roots and make bright yellow dyes.

Anchusa azurea 

Tough and long-lived, this awesome perennial is virtually indestructible! Heat & drought tolerant, deer and snail resistant, it's unfussy about soil and beloved by Swallowtails! Flowers are edible and roots make a reddish-purple dye.

Achillea ageratum

One of the BEST Yarrows for the garden, its sweetly scented, ferny foliage STAYS GREEN in Summer and doesn’t go bald in the center. Easy, drought tolerant, deer resistant, the flowers make lovely yellow, bronze, green and gray dyes! Hardy to USDA 5.

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