Get Ready to Wet Your Plants ...

It's that time of year again friends – time for small crops of especially wonderful offerings that, due to their growing schedule, uber rare-ness or BRAND NEWNESS, can only be available once this year! Hurry and get them while you can!

Paeonia cambessedesii ''Majorcan Peony''
Paeonia cambessedesii ''Majorcan Peony'' Paeonia cambessedesii ''Majorcan Peony'' Paeonia cambessedesii ''Majorcan Peony''

HOORAY! Paeonia cambessedesii is FINALLY available again!

We first offered this ultra-rare Mediterranean Peony in 2013 - 15 YEARS after we grew one small plant from seed in 1998 (read the whole, dramatic story on our BLOG) and waited for it to mature, bloom and set more seed so we could start building our stock. After much anticipation, that first crop sold out instantly, setting us on a mission to try and grow enough for everyone who wanted to try this exquisite beauty.

We are happy to report that after three years of being moderately patient, our 3-year-old, seed grown plants are ready! We’ve made this effort not only because this endangered Peony is absolutely beautiful, long-lived and intriguingly fragrant – but also because it's easy to grow here in our Mediterranean climate and requires no Winter chill like so many other commonly available Peonies. Win-win-win! So grab one while you can, this is the only crop for 2017!

Read all about our adventures growing this beauty ON OUR BLOG!

Meconopsis x sheldonii
Impatiens bicolor

Meconopsis x sheldonii
By some magic of the gardening gods, we have our first crop of this wildly sought after and outrageously beautiful "Himalayan Blue Poppy" since 2011! A cross between M. grandis and betonicifolia (1934), it's the most vigorous, heat resistant and easy to grow of the blue poppies with otherworldly turquoise flowers 3-4” across. Heart-stopping!!

Impatiens bicolor
NEW FOR 2017! Collected in the Himalayas in 2001 by the indefatigable Panayoti Kelaidis, Sr. Curator at Denver Botanical Garden, we are mesmerized by the color, size and form of this species Impatiens. Reaches 3' tall and blooms late Spring thru Summer. A snap to grow in bright to mid-shade, give it rich soil and average water, though it puts up with lesser treatment. Self-sows for future awesomeness!

Zauschneria californica, syn. Epilobium canum

Zauschneria californica, syn. Epilobium canum
“California Fuchsia”

Okay, technically not a One Crop Wonder because we are striving to grow this Western US native workhorse all Summer long – BUT – this is the FIRST CROP we've ever been able to offer online after years of growing it in small batches for our retail customers. Especially outstanding for feeding hummingbirds and Swallowtail butterflies, it doesn't require the perfect drainage that many of the named varieties demand and requires ZERO Summer water once established. Will spread by the roots, so give it room to grow, or keep it contained in a parking strip or large pot. Zauschneria enthusiasts take note: We have a great crop of the stunning Zauschneria septentrionalis ‘Wayne’s Silver’ ready right now, too! Plant them with Clarkias like C. rubicunda blasdalei (as seen above) for long-blooming, late Summer dramarama!

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