Johanna Silver, Author of The Bold Dry Garden, explores the beauty and design of The Ruth Bancroft Garden on Sunday, April 9 - Day 2 of our SPRING PARTY!

Fluffy Melinus nerviglumis softens the bold shape of Aloes at The Ruth Bancroft Garden.
Photograph © Marion Brenner.

Join us for an exciting talk by Sunset Magazine’s Johanna Silver, author of the new book "The Bold Dry Garden", which lovingly chronicles the life and times of Ruth Bancroft and her acclaimed collection of succulents, cacti and other intriguing horticultural dry-garden oddities in her public garden in Walnut Creek. Sunday, April 9 at 11:00 am Day 2 of our Spring Extravaganza!

Johanna will share some of the history of the Ruth Bancroft garden and the incredible design principles and plant palettes that make it unique, as well as give gardeners the advice and inspiration they need to create their own lush, low-water landscapes.

Planted in 1972, The Ruth Bancroft Garden is open to the public and we heartily recommend you visit! We'll have a book signing after the talk and will raffle off signed books at our SPRING PARTY MEGA RAFFLE!

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Our favorite dry garden denizens!

Agave vilmoriniana “Octopus Agave”
Agave vilmoriniana “Octopus Agave”
Agave vilmoriniana “Octopus Agave”

Agave vilmoriniana “Octopus Agave”
With nary a prickly spine to be seen, this friendly Agave is a fantastical addition to any dry, xeric or succulent garden. Undulating blue-tinged tentacles (okay, leaves), intermingle with neighbors and add drama, class and structure wherever you plant it. Eventually blooms with a magical, singular, 15-foot spike that will have the neighborhood hummingbirds in a tizzy!

Phylica pubescens
Epiphyllum 'King Midas'

Phylica pubescens
SUPER RARE and fabulous, this magnificent evergreen South African shrub creates masses of upright “feather duster” stems covered in silvery-white “hairs” soft and fluffy to the touch! To 4’x 4’, provide good drainage and air circulation.

Epiphyllum ‘King Midas’
BIG 6-8" blooms in soft peachy-orange with pink edging are breathtaking! Easy to grow in frost-free zones, these South American epiphytic cacti make excellent houseplants, too. Majestic in a container or hanging basket with fast-draining soil.

Lampranthus aureus 
‘Orange Form’ Sempervivum 'Blush' Puya alpestris “Sapphire Tower”

Lampranthus aureus
‘Orange Form’

Vibrant and EASY TO GROW, a blazing patch of this drought/deer resistant beauty grows at Ruth Bancroft Garden. To 2’ x 2’ and evergreen, it smothers itself in neon orange flowers in Spring.

Sempervivum 'Blush'
Silvery blue-lavender rosettes color shift to rosy peach in cold weather on this watercolor "Hens and Chicks". Think rock gardens, and containers, just provide good drainage. Creates offsets for freebies! Hardy to USDA zone 4!

Puya alpestris
“Sapphire Tower”

Your own personal-sized Puya!
This Chilean alpine member of the Pineapple family reaches only 3-4' tall and blooms within a couple of years! Mesmerizing metallic turquoise blooms! USDA zone 8b.

Aeonium 'Garnet' Nolina nelsonii Sedum spathulifolium 
'Cape Blanco'

Aeonium 'Garnet'
Gorgeous and easy to grow, this drought tolerant succulent “shrub” brings sumptuous color to the dry garden. Forms a dense 3' x 4' mound of green-centered, darkest-burgundy rosettes. Conical yellow blooms in Spring lure the bees!

Nolina nelsonii
Amazingly hardy and easy to grow, this succulent tree-shrub from the desert and mountain regions of Northern Mexico is fast growing, too. Forms 3-4’ across rosettes of serrated (not sharp) ultra silvery-blue 1” wide leaves.

Sedum spathulifolium
'Cape Blanco'

Silvery contrast and cushiony texture make this Pacific Coast native succulent a great dry garden addition. To a compact, 6” tall x 1.5’ wide, it self-propagates for freebies. Low water, deer resistant.

Need More Succulents?
Easy and rewarding to grow, here are some of our favorite succulents! See our whole collection here - if something is listed as unavailable, add it to a Wish List!

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