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Sweetest Spring Scene!
Simply Spring! Gilia tricolor "Bird's Eyes" and Eschscholzia californica 'Alba' blend beautifully with our favorite native Nemophila menziesii "Baby Blue Eyes".
Nemophila menziesii
"Baby Blue Eyes" Eschscholzias! Gilia tricolor
“Birds Eyes” Phacelia viscida

Our love for glorious California native wildflowers is immeasurable. Right outside our back door resides a diversity of wildflowers unique in all the world. In fact, more varieties dwell in our home state than in ALL OTHER STATES COMBINED and there are over 2000 species that grow here in California and nowhere else! You go, California!

We also love natives because they enrich our local ecology, providing sustenance to bees, butterflies, birds and all manner of pollinators. Most self-sow for successive generations of FREE plants and are generally easy to grow, thriving with little assistance other than decently draining soil and a splash or two of water a week. They've been here much longer than we have, after all!

Sadly, too many of our cherished natives have become increasingly scarce due to overgrazing, over development, and non-natives elbowing their way into our open spaces. So save a little space for natives in your own garden and help preserve our California heritage for the future. And hey, it makes for some fine gardening, too!

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Nine Nifty Natives You Need Now!
Native wildflowers provide sustenance for wildlife, conserve water and
self-sow for future generations of FREE plants!

Stylomecon heterophylla
"Wind Poppy" Limnanthes douglasii 
“Meadow Foam” Nemophila menziesii
"Baby Blue Eyes"

Stylomecon heterophylla
"Wind Poppy"

Seldom seen in cultivation, this rare CA native makes a statement in the garden with its gorgeous glowing orange flowers. Good drainage please!

Limnanthes douglasii 
“Meadow Foam”

Forming a glossy green, weed-supressing mat, this EASY native wildflower boasts fragrant lemony yellow flowers with bright white tips. A cinch to grow!

Nemophila menziesii
"Baby Blue Eyes"

The essence of Spring! You'll always see "Baby Blue Eyes" trailing from containers and tumbling from beds in our Spring gardens. Pair with Cal Poppies!

Collinsia species 'Purple'
“Chinese Purple Houses” Collinsia species 'Purple'
“Chinese Purple Houses”
A gorgeous, dark purple selection of our native "Chinese Houses," these pretty pagodas are EASY to boot! Can be grown under oaks and reseeds!

Clarkia amoena ‘Aurora’
“Farewell to Spring”
A gorgeous, dark purple selection of our native "Chinese Houses," these pretty pagodas are EASY to boot! Can be grown under oaks and reseeds!

Lupinus succulentus
‘Rodeo Rose’

Collinsia species 'Purple'
“Chinese Purple Houses”
A gorgeous, dark purple selection of our native "Chinese Houses" with a wild abundance of pretty pagodas! So EASY to grow, even under oaks! Self-sows.

Clarkia amoena ‘Aurora’
“Farewell to Spring”

Plant Clarkias now for loads of gorgeous bloom almost all Summer long! Tolerates poor soil and self-sows for the longest lasting cut flowers! Deer resistant, too!

Lupinus succulentus
‘Rodeo Rose’

We adore this rare color form of our native “Arroyo Lupine”. Loads of 4-6” sweetly-scented pink and cherry bi-colored spikes on a fast-growing robust 30” x 30” shrub.
Gilia capitata
“Blue Thimble Flower” Platystemon californicus 
“Cream Cups” Gilia tricolor “Birds Eyes”

Gilia capitata
“Blue Thimble Flower”

Easy to grow and long blooming, not enough people know about this robust native to much of CA! Lollipop blooms appear over months! Self-sows! Butterflies!

Platystemon californicus
“Cream Cups”

Irresistably charming! Each flower on this bountiful wildflower is only 1”, but it’s a mighty bloomer with hundreds of CUTE, FRAGRANT blooms. Self-sows.

Gilia tricolor “Birds Eyes”
Beloved by bees, you'll be amazed by the bright blue pollen they collect from foraging on this long-blooming, fragrant cutie. One of our easiest and most floriferous natives! Tolerant of neglect, reseeds!

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New Arrivals!

Achillea millefolium 'Rosa Maria' Achillea millefolium

Achillea millefolium 'Rosa Maria' NEW!

Achillea millefolium 'Cameo' NEW!

From dry garden to cottage garden, sidewalk strip to patio container, you definitely want to find space for these fabulous new CA native Yarrows! Drought, deer, clay and rabbit tolerant, they can take the heat and hold their rich color, too. Pretty, ferny foliage makes a great groundcover and large umbels are landing pads for scads of butterflies, bees and other pollinators! See more NEW ARRIVALS HERE!

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