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How to squeeze the MOST lemons outta life!

Luscious lemons, outrageous oranges and lively limes are yours for the plucking – with great advice from our favorite citrus expert! Join us for an info-packed talk on Saturday, March 11 at 11 am with Ed Laivo of Four Winds Growers, family-owned purveyors of a dizzying array of wonderful dwarf citrus!

RIGHT NOW is when our citrus is in season – and tastes best! So when there are spots on our Meyers or yellow foliage on our trees, we want to know what the problem is and how to fix it. Not to mention, how to get the best flavor and yield from our backyard orchards! Ed will cover all the essential do's and don'ts – including good advice on how to best protect your trees during chilly Winter cold snaps. Plus, he'll answer all of your burning questions about selecting, planting, growing and caring for mature citrus.

BONUS! We'll have a nice selection of citrus trees and a FREE RAFFLE to tempt you! No purchase necessary - just be here by 11 am to nab a free raffle ticket.

Comely Columbines – A Gift from Our Grandmothers' Gardens!

No cottage garden – nay – no garden, is complete without Columbines. Perennially planted (and self-sown and shared) in the shade gardens of our grandmothers, they harken back to a simpler time.

Hardy and reliable, handsome and romantic, adaptable and easy-to-grow and yet ... these tried-and-true classics seem to have fallen out of favor in recent years. Perhaps gardeners have tried and been disappointed with the hybridized new-fangled inferior "compact" varieties, which bloom less and often fail to overwinter.

Well, we feel it's our mission to bring back the joy and charm of these old-fashioned TALL, large-flowered and long-blooming beauties! We grow a wide variety of species Aquilegias and the very best old-fashioned varieties. The epitome of grace and charm, you won't be disappointed!

Aquilegia 'Krystal' makes it a party!
Aquilegia 'Krystal' makes it a party! CLICK HERE to see all of the plants in this garden!

The simplest of instructions will keep your Columbines fat and happy: Grow in rich, well-drained garden soil with average water and a 1" layer of compost in Spring. Cut back to 1” after bloom and you may get a second flush in Summer! Then, sit back and enjoy the hum and buzz of hummingbirds and bees visiting to sip their sweet nectar!
Aquilegia chrysantha
‘Flore Pleno’ Aquilegia chrysantha
‘Flore Pleno’

Aquilegia chrysantha
‘Flore Pleno

The holy grail of rare and unusual Columbines! This double – sometimes triple! – flowered form of A. chrysantha features ruffly peach petticoats crowned in crimson. We've had to build our own seed supply for this rare beauty due to its scarcity, and this is the first crop in at least three years. Grab one while you can!

Aquilegia caerulea “Rocky Mountain Columbine” Aquilegia caerulea 
“Rocky Mountain Columbine”

Aquilegia caerulea “Rocky Mountain Columbine”
The largest flowers in the genus! Boasting 2.5" flowers atop handsome, sturdy foliage to 30", this magnificent thing of beauty is sweetly scented, too! Long lived, EASY and grows to a proper 3’ x 2’. Worthy of the best position in the garden, it blooms Spring to Summer with a second flush Summer to Fall if you cut it back to 1” tall in Summer.

Aquilegia chrysantha 'Yellow Queen' Aquilegia chrysantha 'Yellow Queen'

Aquilegia chrysantha
'Yellow Queen'

The most bloomiferous AND longest blooming of all Columbines – and it’s sweetly FRAGRANT, too! Easily reaching 3’ tall x 2’ across, this vigorous, non-dwarfed, perennial Southwestern native bears an awesome number of large, long spurred, clearest yellow flowers from Spring till mid-Summer! Mildew resistant and re-seeds, too!

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Blue Barlow' Aquilegia vulgaris 'Blue Barlow'

Aquilegia vulgaris
'Blue Barlow'

Exquisite and fully double deep violet blue, spurless 2” blossoms dangle gracefully from old-fashioned and properly tall plants to 30” from late Spring to early Summer. Lovely in the shade garden, this variety was bred especially for cut flower production and is especially long lasting in a vase. Tres romantique!

Aquilegia eximia “Serpentine Columbine”

Aquilegia eximia “Serpentine Columbine”Hard-to-find, this regal (up to 5' tall!) CA native Columbine is exceptionally tough, long-lived and fascinating up close and in person! A multitude of crown-like, 2.5" bright scarlet blooms dangle seductively on archy stems in Spring and Summer, hummingbirds can't resist! Immune to mildew and very tolerant of non-draining clay soil.

Aquilegia vulgaris 
'Black Barlow' Aquilegia caerulea
‘Krystal’ Aquilegia yabeana

Aquilegia vulgaris
'Black Barlow'

Bred especially for cut flower production, the super doubly, spurless, 2", purple-black pom-poms on this properly tall, old-fashioned beauty dangle adorably en masse Spring thru early Summer. Long lasting in a vase!

Aquilegia caerulea ‘Krystal’
The largest flowers I’ve ever seen on a Columbine! Along with A. chrysantha, it’s also the longest blooming – thru mid-Summer! Healthy and, unlike many modern hybrids, reliably perennial, long-lived and FRAGRANT! To 3’ x 2’ and re-seeds!

Aquilegia yabeana
As vigorous a Columbine as your grandmother grew, this majestic, naturally occurring Japanese species (thankfully unimproved by breeders) easily reaches 30-36” tall by 20” across and displays a grand number of rich purple or blue blooms.

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